Power consumption of vehicle electrical leads (average values)
Backup lamps 25W
Battery ignition20W
Blower motor 80W
Cigarette lighter100W
Fog lights35W each
Fog warning lamp35W (red fog light on rear)
Glow plugs 100W each
Headlamps, low beam55W each
Headlamps, high beam 60W each
Heated rear window120W
Horns and fanfare horns25W...40W each
Instrument-panel lamps 2W each
Interior lamp 5W
License-plate lamp10W
Parking lamp 3W...5W
Side-marker lamps4W each
Starting motor for truck2.2kW...12kW
Starting motor for car0.8kW...3kW
Stop lamps18W each
Tail lamps5W each
Turn-signal lamps21W each
Vehicle heater20W...60W
Windshield wiper90W

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