Reproduction 964 RS Cup Heater Bypass Pipe

I've had a small batch of 964 RS Cup heater bypass pipes reproduced. These tubes were used in place of the heater blower setup on the factory race cars, resulting in less weight and a lower center of gravity. The tubes are constructed of high-quality carbon fiber with a light gloss finish.

These units are lighter than the originals. Using a Post Office scale, I weighed one - it came in at a featheright 7.9 ounces! The complete stock heater blower setup weighs about 15lbs.

These tubes are a great addition to any 3.6L conversion, as they solve the heater problem - the stock heater blower easily doesn't fit in the 65-89 engine compartment. Most people who do this conversion rig up plastic or paper heater and duct tape to get heat. Now you can do it right!

If you have a C2 or C4 track car, you can also use this piece to shave weight.

It will also work on a 993 engine with the use of the 964 fan duct takeoff, part # 964 106 403 02

If you're fortunate enough to have a 993TT, it will fit your car with only minor modifications.

Price: $195 USD plus shipping. Also available in carbon kevlar on special order

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For reference, here is the original tube from which the molds for the reproductions were made.

Here is the stock heater blower setup.

Here was the accordian heater-hose setup that I'd cobbled together before I found a heater bypass.

Pix of Ingo Schmidt's engine with the tube installed.

Mike Feinstein's 993 VarioRam engine with the tube installed