VintageBus.Com Online Bus Registry Help - Search Hints

Searching by year - you can either select the year from the selection list, or enter the last two digits of the year. To save space, I'm only storing "67" instead of "1967" - yes, this isn't y2k compliant, but they aren't making buses any more, so what does it matter?

List boxes - hold the key to select/delect one or more items. Sorry, but I don't have the logic worked out yet to be able to process more than one selection at a time, and it's the last item that you select that actually gets found. I'm working on it.

Logic - This is the part that generates the most confusion. The main thing to remember is the logic operations apply to individual registry entries, and not the whole database. Let me explain the terms I'm using:

Exclude - Entries containing this phrase/criteria will not be listed
And - This means records must have this word in order to be listed
Or - This means that records that match this criteria will also be listed.
Word Matching - you can also control how the keywords are matched
Whole - This searches for "standalone" keywords, it would match an entry with "Thom" but not "Thompson"
Partial - This searches for the keywords, so "Thom" and "Thompson" would both match
Case sensitivity - All searches are case insensitive, so the keywords "thom" and "THOM" and "Thom" are all equivalent. Special Models - If you're trying to find various models, such as Westfalias, you're in luck! I've tried to build in some "smarts" into the search routine. If you entered "westfalia" as a keyword, it will add search for the word "westfalia" in addition to the westfalia m-codes that I know of. You can also enter "panel" or "kombi" and other model names, and they'll be magically translated for you. Hey, this took a lot of work!