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Welcome to the VintageBus.Com Online Bus Registry! This form has been provided to collect information about people and the buses they own. Feel free to give as much or as little information as you'd like. This information is simply to collect stats, nothing more, but accuracy is still important! You may select below whether to have your email address and name printed - simply un-check the boxes to hide the information.

If you have more than one bus, then please fill out the survey once for each bus that you own.

You can submit buses you don't own, ie those you find in junkyards, friend's buses, buses you used to own, etc. Just get all the numbers and have at it!

If you need to make corrections to your entry, add a new entry; I'll be writing some logic to remove duplicates, and the newer record will take precedence.

A note about values: please try to state what you think the bus is worth, taking into account what you have into it. If we get enough good data in here, this information could be used by bus owners trying to settle a claim with an insurance company, or could help someone else figure out what their bus is worth. While terms like "priceless" and "a lot" are great in emotional terms, they won't help anyone out in the future. Thanks!

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Build Number (for campers, special bodies, etc)
How much did you pay for this bus?
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M-Code Tag information (Behind front passenger seat on 1958 and later buses)
Date of Manufacture
Option Codes
Export Code Model Code Color Chassis Number
Paint Sticker Info(some buses have an extra sticker below the M-code tag with the paint color)

Optional Bus Owner Demographics
Note: you can submit buses you don't own, ie those you find in junkyards, friend's buses, etc
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