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This is the date that the bus was built. Until 1963, this was a 5-digit number, using the European day/month/year standard. After '63, they switched to a 3-digit system, with the first two digits representing the day, and the second representing the month. 1 through 9 were used for January thru September, with the letter "O" for October, N for November, and D for December.

The model code is a 3-digit code, which will sometimes be suffixed with a paint finish code. It's the first 3 digits that count.
The m-code section is a list of the different options ordered with the bus. Each option is 3 characters, with a space between each option code.
This is the chassis number. If your bus is 1963 or older, this will be the same as your VIN. If your buse is 8/64 or newer, this will be the same as the VIN minus the first two numbers.
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