Porsche Specifications

scavenge line
Base Car1977 911 Targa
Build Date12/76
Chassis #9117211022
 Steel widebody conversion
AerodynamicsGT2 rear tail
 930 front spoiler
Weight (lbs)2550
Displacement3.6L (964)
IgnitionBosch twin plug
IntakeK&N air filter
 Custom air induction
ExhaustB&B stainless steel 1 3/4" headers
 B&B stainless steel dual-in/dual out muffler
Cooling88 Carrera cooler w/fan (stock location)
 Setrab 500-series 24x2.75x7, bumper mount with trunk box
 Hayden thermoswitch with manual override
MiscPatrick Motorsports pulleys
 RaceWare head studs
 RaceWare rod bolts
 A/C completely removed
 factory A/C delete console
 Patrick Motorsports P/S delete
 Patrick Motorsports lightweight flywheel
 Sachs Power kit clutch
 Cyntex chip
 Engine conversion has been inspected and certified by California BAR
Oil System
 1986 Oil Tank w/An-16 fittings and braided steel lines scavenge line
 Elephant Racing oil cooler lines
 All factory rubber lines replaced with AN-16 braided steel
Top Speed (est)160
Top Speed (measured)155 @ 6000RPM
1/4 Mile13.47@101
Thunderhill (CCW)2:11
Thunderhill (CW)2:17
Sears Point (street tires)2:07
SeatsRecaro SRD
TunesSony CD changer &head unit
beltsSparco 5-point harnesses
 Brey Krause harness bar
Calipers1986 930
Rotors1986 930
PadsPagid Orage
LinesDOT braided stainless steel
Master Cylinder21mm
Bias valvenone
Torsion BarsFront Sway-a-Way 22mm
 Rear: Sway-a-Way 29mm
Sway barsFront: TRG "B"
 Rear: TRG "A"
ShocksBilstein HD (green)
 Bilstein Sport (yellow)
WheelsStreet: Fuchs 16" 7" & 9"
 Track: Speedline 17"x11" & 16"x9"
TiresStreet: Bridgestone RE730 245/40 & 205/50
 Track: Yokohama A032R 315/35-17 & 245/45-16
BushingsFront: Weltmeister race
 Rear: Neatrix
 bump steer kit
 Turbo tie rods
 Weltmeister strut tower brace
 2 1/4" .095 CroMo 4130 door braces
 1 1/4" .095 mild midsection cross brace
Final driveStock
Mechanical Restoration
Engine rebuild12/01
Rear wheel bearings12/01
Front wheel bearings12/01
Transmission rebuild8/99
Rebuilt steering rack5/01
CV joints and boots11/01
Tie rods5/01
Oil thermostat10/01
Fuel pump4/00
Motor mounts12/01
Engine seal and sound pad12/01
"I have a confession to make. As I've been watching the saga of Thom's "improvements," I've wondered about the wisdom of putting so much money into a '77 - likely no less than Thom himself! However, after driving the car for most of a 1/2 hour session (until, as Thom noted, we about ran out of gas as the engine sputtered coming hard out of Turn 15 at Thunderhill), I wonder no more - it was well worth it! The car was both a joy and a blast to drive. With the 3.6, the car is certainly fast in a straight line, which I expected. However, I didn't expect the car to handle nearly as well as it did. Other than putting on bigger torsion bars, anti-sway bars and old-style Kumho V700's, Thom hasn't sorted out the suspension at all. Despite this, the car handled great! - very well balanced with just a touch of understeer, easily controllable at the limit, easy to throttle steer. AFAIK, no one was timing our laps when I was driving, but based on how easily I passed some other cars whose lap times I know, I'd estimate that we were only a second or two off of what I turn in my 996 Cab. I'd say that's damn impressive for a 25 year old car with an engine transplant and an un-sorted suspension! Great job, Thom. You've got one hell of a car!" --Todd Serota, TracQuest.com