911 Transmission Cooler for a 915 Transaxle

Update 10/19
I've kiboshed the filter idea for the time being, after some readers expressed concerns of pressure drop thru the filter. I may still re-visit the idea later after some more testing.

I'm also considering moving the cooler to a location similar to the factory setup. Re-locating it is a simple matter of making new lines and a new bracket.

Simple remote oil filter housing, available at any VW supply house. This is an older one I had in my parts stash, and is especially cool because you can pick the hose inlet/outlet routing. I had to (ahem) machine the filter inlet hole a bit, as the casting was crappy. Before drilling the new hole, you couldn't get a #2 pencil the the hole in the casting! That probably led to the early death of the motor this was originally hooked up to....

I picked this particular oil filter because it was the smallest I could find that fit. Space is at a premium under a 911...

Tilton differential fluid pump

My test setup. I needed to validate that the Tilton pump could deliver enough pressure to overcome the anti-siphon valving in the filter. It can. For my test fluid I used a mix of cold 85/140 used transmission fluid and cold 20W/50 motor oil. Yum!

Here's all of fluid-handling pieces finally in place

Hayden adjustable thermo relay to control the pump.