E-Ram Electric Supercharger Testing

After hearing much hoopla about the E-Ram Electric Supercharger, I was curious, but I couldn't get much hard data on it - only marketing hype. Check out their website at ElectricSupercharger.com Wayne at Pelican Parts kindly lent me a demo unit to test. I am going to conduct a series of test with it, drive it around a bit, and get the car dyno'd with the device, and post the results here. I'll also have the opportunity to run it on the track in March.

The test vehicle is a 1977 911 targa with a 3.6L C2 engine. This engine is basically stock with the exception of a B&B exhaust, Cyntex chip, and a homemade air induction system using a K&N air filter (model RE-0810) replacing the stock airbox. The engine was recently rebuilt, and dyno'd at 235RWHP.

235. 405. OFF No air cleaner
236.2 395.3 OFF  
236.2 411.9 ON No air cleaner
236.4 410.7 ON  

Demo Videos

A Closer Look and Installation

Here's a view from the back side of the unit.

A view of the front end of the unit.

The wiring kit provided; it comes with wires, a relay (pre-wired), a fuse linked into the power side, and a microswitch for activation.

Side view

A peek at the motor

The inital test mounting

The inital test mounting, a closer view

Here's the first test setup, wired up.

The fuse that was provided blew and melted the case after just a few short test runs.

Here's the bracket I fabbed to hold the microswitch

The completed install. I still need to fab a bracket to support the E-ram

Here's the switch at part throttle

Here's the switch with the throttle all the way off

Hitting the switch at WOT

Relay mounting