Installation of 930 front brakes on a 911

This is meant to be a quick overview of the process for installing a set of '78-'89 930 front brakes to a normally aspirated 911. The subject car is a 1977 911S. This procedure required moderate mechanical skills, and a normal set of hand tools. You should to be familiar with Porsche brakes, and/or brake systems in general, before attempting this procedure. If in doubt, defer the work to a competent Porsche shop - I wouldn't want Midas to do this job.

I used the 81-89 style front rotors - the non-floating style - because the rotors are much cheaper. For narrow-body cars, the wheel will be pused out 22mm too wide, necessitating the use of the VCI-3510 rotor kit to get proper wheel clearance.

Also check out the Rear Brake conversion page.

Find a way to push the pedal about 1/3-1/2 the way down and hold it - this keeps the master cylinder from draining while you have the brake lines open.

Raise the car and set it on jackstands, and remove the wheel. Remove dust cap

Remove wheel bearing retaining nut

Remove brake pad pins

Remove brake pads

Remove the brake line (17mm & 11mm wrenches)

Remove caliper bolts (19mm wrench)

Remove caliper

Remove brake rotor

Here's some shots of the differences between the 930 and 911 brake components
The 930 calipers are 4-piston (aka '4-pot') the stock ones are 2-piston.

The differences in the pads; I used Pagid Orange as I drive on the street aggressively, as well as taking my car to the track. That and I'm too lazy to swap. Another cool thing about using the 930 brakes is that you use the same pads front and rear. When you wear the front pads down too much at the track, swap fronts and rears, and get back on the track!

Check out the size difference on the rotors!

Mount the new rotor

Mount the caliper. Note: you need a spacer, approx 3mm, between the caliper and the spindle - I forgot to take a picture of that.

You will also have to fab a new brake line; the metric brake line is available at any good parts store.

Put the new pads in..

Voila - you now have a sexy new set of Turbo brakes!

You must bleed the entire brake system after installing the new brakes!