Westfalias - Reproduction Parts

Westfalias - Reproduction Parts

Repro Westy Racks Repro Westy Racks
To Order call P.I.P. 1-888-689-7225 or 1-801-685-057
 2001-06-15 (23.29k)

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Westy Roof Racks Westy Roof Racks
Exact reproduction of the beautifully designed Westfalia Roof Racks. Each individual piece is an exact copy and interchangeable with the original parts. Our racks are manufactured in high grade Aluminum as per original, every part being polished by hand to give this rack the highest possible quality. Carefully assembled with selected Ash hardwood runners on correct size powder coated* or polished chrome cross channels, even the aluminum corner rivets are the correct size and shape. This rack is the ultimate accessory for you bus and useful for the holidays too.
Ronnie's Garage
Old Volks Home of Arizona
2185 West Acoma Avenue
Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403
Phone: (520) 680-7664

 2001-06-15 (5.46k)

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