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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  

    Just finished restoring the pop-top on my Westy and decided to take a few pics. Fresh gelcoat on the top, new tent, trim and seal.
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    03/27/06 Paul Palmer Nice van. I have one just like it, and want to fix interior. I need help with the flooring. Please email me at to chat about how you did your restore. Pics of my van at

    and pics you may find useful:

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    12/30/05 dooker is it stock? :)
    11/23/05 frank want to see more ?--- >

    have fun
    11/20/05 thom Now *that* is a must-have Westfalia accessory!

    See Also: Sightings   Other pix from Thom


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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Lothar Kleis

    Lothar Kleis
    My 1967 SO42,Export Model for Luxemburg,need adoor for the icebox!
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Lothar Kleis

    Lothar Kleis
    My 1967 SO42,Export Model for Luxemburg
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    01/02/08 Lizz Wow, that is beautiful
    07/13/07 bill What a real beauty

    See Also: Hall of Shame   Other pix from Bob
    Westy barn find Westy barn find
    1965 Westy, 1963 Porsche 356
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    11/07/05 Joe Hi There,thanks for the update. The Westy was a great buy at $200. Id love to hear from you if this guy changed his mind on the 356 (I love this model). Where abouts are you loctaed?
    11/02/05 Bob, Ijust stumbled on this page. I took that pictureof the Porsche almost 10 years ago. But rest assured that thing still sits there. I was able to buy the 65' Westy in the background for $200. Good deal. The Porsche IS NOT for sale...the guy simply cant be talked out of it. Well, I talked to him 6 years ago. I'll check back soon and see.
    11/02/05 Joe Hi, I have had no response to my first email thought I may of put in the wrong email address. I am looking for an old 356 like this one. Is this for sale?
    11/02/05 Joe Hi, I have had no response to my first email thought I may of put in the wrong email address. I am looking for an old 356 like this one. Is this for sale?
    10/20/05 Joe Hi there,
    I was just surfing the net trying to find one of these babies for sale. Is this one for sale and if so can you please return email with more info. Not sure where you are located. Thanks.

    See Also: Stand By Your Van  Sightings   Other pix from Marcos Cornejo

    Marcos Cornejo
    This is my site about aircooled vw's
    Hi, This is my 1960 JSO-23 Westfalia type "J23", I'm from Argentina and here till now there is only 2 pre-67 westfalias known, I'm proud to have one. I need to change some non-original parts, but that's not a problem. I'm happy with it.
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    See Also: Accessories  Barndoors  Various Parts Pictures   Other pix from Frank

    want this one ??.. no problem... NEW GERMAN PRODUCTION.. aluminium-plate.. look at the website-> you can also order the camping-box-sticker greets frank
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Tom Mink

    Tom Mink

    My new '66 walkthru Westy. This one should be an easy project - it's very dry and complete.
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Paul Klein
    SO-44/36 SO-44/36 SO-44/36 SO-44/36 SO-44/36
    SO-44/36 SO-44/36 SO-44/36 SO-44/36 SO-44/36
    Paul Klein
    Here is a bus I just picked up from a friend. It has been sitting outside since 1980 unfortunately. I would like to get it back on the road and go camping.
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    02/02/08 david hi, do you sold this combi? I want a buy you r car,is very nice,I'm from to mexico city,I'm wait your answer,thnaks.cheerss
    09/23/05 paul klein I would love to see your pics Pat! I am in Victoria, BC so we're in the same province. I'd love to see it in person sometime too. Will email you.
    09/10/05 pat I just bought yesterday a 1966 so-44 from the origional owner who immigrated to canada in 1966 and brought it over from germany new on a russian freighter. it has 145k and is like new. it has the same top as yours. would like to send my pics, from kelowns bc canada
    08/15/05 Kent Zschoche Paul, email me. I was wondering if could get photos of the upholstery on your rear seat/bed. It looks like that normal Westy "Ear Wax Gold" vinyl. Mine has been replaced with cloth.... I know that ain't right.
    08/12/05 Paul Neato! I would love to see some pics of the invoice if you have a scanner and some more pics of your bus including that NOS chandelier!
    08/12/05 Kent Zschoche I have the original invoice from the dealer in Germany. The tent isn't on it, but maybe the tent was a part of the camping equipment. I have two popouts and four stationary windows. You should remove the third window on the driver's side of your bus and see if there's a popout hinge there. Not for any particular reason; it would just be interesting. I'm actually driving out to the original owner's house tomorrow (Sat 8-13-05)to show them the bus. I'll ask them about the jug...
    08/12/05 Paul Yes, the window config is kind of crazy. Do you have one or two pop-outs? You should post a pic of your lamp still in the wrapping...super cool. The water jug goes in the middle cabinet under the sink I think. There should be a hose going to the sink pump that sits in the jug. It also looks like you may have had a 'foyer' tent at one time judging from the brackets on your roof on the passenger side. Do you happen to have the original order form? I don't have mine yet, but might be able to get it someday.
    08/12/05 Kent Zschoche Water jugs? No, what are those all about? I do have the hanging lamp in the original cellophane in perfect shape. The original owner claims it never had a tent... I don't know how that happened but oh well. There is no stove, only the sink and counter area to the right of it. What's up with your window configuration- 4 louvered, one popout, and one stationary... crazy! You're right about the similar options. Every one I've seen has the column lock.
    08/12/05 Paul Thanks Kent! Saw yours too (very mint) and was going to email you some questions. Plans are to clean it up, slow down the rusting if possible and get it on the road. Interesting how all the SO44's I have seen have similar options such as steering/ignition locks and gas heaters. Do you have the water jug(s), hanging lamp, stove, etc?
    08/11/05 Kent Zschoche Awesome bus! I have a '65 SO44 posted in the gallery, but mine has the conventional Westy pop-top. What are your plans for it?

    See Also: Scenic Route   Other pix from bobby hisler

    bobby hisler
    Bus good
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    See Also: Stand By Your Van   Other pix from bobby hisler

    bobby hisler
    no worries
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    08/10/05 bobby Hisler Yeah I guess that gives it away,but you still won't get a return peace sign out of me.
    08/08/05 Steve I can look past the long hair, the sunshine tattoo, and the bloodshot eyes. But dude, your wearing fucking tie dye!!

    Other pix from bobby hisler

    bobby hisler
    I love buses and bugs but I'm SICK of people calling me a hippy. When they flash me the peace sign I flip them the bird.. And when they give me the finger I scream out "YEAH THATS RIGHT" They should have gotten it right the first time.
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    05/11/08 me she get mad at me sometimes isn't that cute? mbahh
    03/15/08 blast from your past once an asshole always an asshole only difference is the asshole gets bigger each passing of the year. strill striving to become grang ass of the year i see
    10/25/07 Bob I went down to North Little Rock to help my Friend install a windshield in a 1930 Model A. We had received some info of an 'old car' in the boon-docks-woods. It was a VW bus, no engine, all crank side windows, slide door windows.

    It appears to be a 'camper'. Have I give enough info for any details on the 'bus'? The owner said I could have it. It is infact back in the woods approx one mile. One 6 inch tree will need to be cut to get it out. A good path from there.

    04/17/07 Emily i need a car sell me on that works.
    03/19/06 doug I have nothing against art cars, I'm just trying to stay in the middle of the road between VW collectors and hippies, who are often criticized.
    Didn't they know it was a hippie bus when they bought it? Hey, will you be going to burning man this year?
    03/13/06 alex Hey Doug,
    I realize this site is suppose to be about VW
    Bus's, which is why I came to it! So I hate to be
    (as Bobby put's it a ball buster) but I have to
    stick up for two of my favorite things, ART CARS
    Which I have been part of for 15 years, and
    Hippy's which I am proud to be ! A word which is
    missed used and miss understood, ok I am stepping
    off my soap box lol!
    03/13/06 Alex Harrah Hey Bobby, if you don't want people giving you
    the peace sign because you look like a hippy
    and you are driving a hippy bus? Since you are
    a red neck maybe you should get you a truck .
    Hell since you like guns and don't like peace
    maybe they could use you over in Irac , where
    you can have all the fun you want!
    a proud hippy
    01/06/06 doug Hey, I got one of those Hippy buses. They used to be referred to as a "microbus", lately I rarely hear that.

    I have a Mr Natural badge on the dash and incense in the ashtray, however , no gawdy "art car".

    May you live in peace and happiness.
    10/13/05 Tom I believe Joe and mike are the kind of guys who
    bought their veedubs because they thaught it would make them look cool...keep triyng girls
    08/08/05 bobby Hisler Those pictures were taken during a camping trip.
    At work I where a clown suit just to fit in with a Wall street bozos.
    I didn't expect to have my balls busted about having long hair on a VW site. This seems more like a RANT & RAVE Forum..chink chink.
    You like the freekin Bus or what?
    08/10/05 bobby new things are no damn good
    08/05/05 Mike Long hair? And tie dye? You may want to go with a new look.
    08/07/05 Bobby Hisler Just cause the old VW's doesn't make me a pot smoking hippy. Tattoos andlong hair don't mean anything. I could care less about peace-love and understanding either cause it's just not any fun. You give peace a chance, I'm loading my guns.
    08/07/05 Joe Tie died, tatooed, long hair and driving a VW Bus. I can't possibly imagine why anyone would think you're a hippie, you freaking idiot.

    Other pix from Simon

    this is my so-23 westfalia van in Port Talbot,South Wales, UK
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