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    Other pix from Shanon Korando

    Shanon Korando
    FOR SALE !!!!!!!! 1972 Westfalia Type2 Camper Pop-Top Bus. It has Volkswagen's 4CL Engine w/ Dual Carbs and it Runs & Drives Great. It has a External Oil Cooler Kit that is attached on the rear drivers side of the van to keep the oil cool while driving. It is Manual stick-shift transmission that shifts Great. Paint & Body looks great 2yr old Paint Job and it looks good. Everything works great, headlights, break lights, turn signals and emergency brake, windshield wipers. It Has a Sink for camping & Ice Box. Seat belts for all 5 passengers front & back. It sleeps a total of 4 people. Two adults on the EZ Bed sofa.One adult in the pop top.And one child in the front child's cot. The Bottom Undercarriage is Clean. Interior is in great shape and is very clean. Full Matching Privacy Curtains for every Window. More information and more pictures contact me : Thank you
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    See Also: Stand By Your Van   Other pix from Chuck Rose
    Me and my '66... Me and my '66...
    Chuck Rose

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    Other pix from Jun Kitano

    Jun Kitano
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    See Also: Stand By Your Van   Other pix from Michael Slack

    Michael Slack

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    See Also: Scenic Route  

    The veiw of Seattle just got a little better.
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    See Also: Stand By Your Van   Other pix from Johan De Ruyter

    Johan De Ruyter
    Hello, this is a '67 westy, as you can see she came from California all the way to Belgium and Me!She needed a bit of TLC. Now i'm looking for some official Volkswagen documentation with the max load of the front and rear axes, the total weight, and all that stuff... I need these papers or copies for the registration here in Belgium, no papers no camping :-(
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    See Also: Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from asdcabn
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Matty B
    tryin to save one more tryin to save one more tryin to save one more tryin to save one more tryin to save one more
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    Matty B
    65' westy gettin "saved"
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Matty B
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    Matty B
    65' westy gettin "saved"
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    03/09/12 Flowers To India Your bus great and running very nice.Thanks sir
    02/15/12 Rick Jacobson Most excellant, I am just jumping into a total reso of a '67 Westy. Good luck in your venture.

    See Also: Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from f
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from David
    Fresh Paint! Fresh Paint! Fresh Paint! Fresh Paint!
    Just after a full repaint/sanded and camping. Brush and roller job with Sikkens yacht enamel. Not a show car finish, but very durable. Lives outside all year in Canada (with lots of spray oil every year). SO-44 interior - I've read they only made 500 of these and I have only seen a handful on the web over the last 10+ years. Roof racks are made for my canoe.
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from tyson

    heres my baby, I have owned her for the past 14yrs! cheers to all the other vw owners!
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    02/10/10 tyson oh ya forgot to mention that she is a sliding door westy...

    See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)   Other pix from dominic

    1977 VW westfalia driven from london to saigon in the 1992 motoring challenge and then from canada to costa rica where it is now for Sale to travel onwards... it has canadian papers...
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    Other pix from ricardo
    westfalia so23 westfalia so23
    my westfalia in laguna de zempuala mexico
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    Other pix from ricardo
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