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6 wheeled double deck VW microbus 6 wheeled double deck VW microbus 6 wheeled double deck VW microbus
Tony Galvin
Made by me from 3 Lledo models. many hours work just glad it wasn't a real one
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VW Snocat VW Snocat VW Snocat VW Snocat
This Snocat was posted on this site a couple years ago. Restoration was started but never finished. It is for sale as shown in recent photos with bodywork done. Needs tracks and drivetrain. Would be neat project for a VW fan. I can put interested persons in touch with owner. He wants $1000.
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cesar nader
this is a basistransporter vw made just for mexico in 1978 and even in mexico are so rare to find them, feel free to contact me in monterrey mexico if you are interested in a (hormiga) my phone number is 011528183311424, and visit us in juarez garage in youtube.
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08/19/10 Merodias 1978 La Hormiga VW Truck My 80 year old plus dad has a 1978 La Hormiga VW Truck, may be the only one in the States. Manufactured in Mexico. garage kept, well maintained. Nice interior, custom built stake bed sides (removable), manual transmission. Has shown it and won awards in car shows. Rebuilt original engine, titled, registered and licensed in Tucson, AZ. He wants to sell. Anyone have an idea what it is worth or how to go about selling it? Call daughter or son-in-law Cindy or Ralph 520-744-9503/748-7457

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rebuli, Marco
Hello... It's is my VW bus, i lived in Brazil
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Who am I? I  feel so alone. Who am I? I  feel so alone. Who am I? I feel so alone.
Tinker Ellison
Here is my 67 one owner split. Women I got it from has pic of it at Woodstock.i have gotten most of the mechinic work done and a good start on the interior I want but more on that later. Dang i really can't spell.
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Other pix from Eric Williams
stretched buses stretched buses stretched buses stretched buses stretched buses
stretched buses
stretched buses stretched buses stretched buses stretched buses stretched buses
Eric Williams

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1964 Slider One of a Kind. Does anybody have more info on this rare beast? Thinking of restoring it in Mexico...
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Narayan

1964 Slider One of a Kind. Does anybody have more info on this rare beast? Thinking of restoring it in Mexico...
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See Also: Projects & Restoration  Toys & Collectibles   Other pix from Sarah J
her name is gondola. '59 'short bus' her name is gondola. '59 'short bus' her name is gondola. '59 'short bus' her name is gondola. '59 'short bus'
Sarah J
a new project i'm adopting. wish me luck... hope to get this ole girl moving soon.
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09/13/09 dave nice ,looking for one myself, if you want sell it send me an email []

See Also: Toys & Collectibles   Other pix from fred anger
old volkswagen toy old volkswagen toy old volkswagen toy old volkswagen toy old volkswagen toy
old volkswagen toy
old volkswagen toy old volkswagen toy old volkswagen toy
fred anger
HELP! can anyone identify the origin and maker of these old vw toys? Any help at all would be appreciated. The big kafer is rubber-the 23 window bus is rubber with plastis tires-the other 2 beetles are tin-with no markings at all-anywhere on the chassis. Thanks for any info.
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Ray Mullins
my 1965 Shorty my 1965 Shorty my 1965 Shorty my 1965 Shorty my 1965 Shorty
Ray Mullins
I just bought this shorty and am in the process of bringing it back to life, will be a fun ride once I am done.
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See Also: Literature   Other pix from Thom
Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review
Clymer Review
Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review

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09/16/13 smallyzelaype Sanford Shopping Tip: The very best place in Sanford to buy fabric is at Marden's located at 1247 Main Street in South Sanford. They have more fabric than any store around and their prices are very low. You will also find beautiful and unusual sewing notions at Marden's along with all the supplies you need to complete your sewing projects.
Below are some good sources to buy fabric in Sanford, just in case you don't have fabric scraps to help you refashion your tshirts. You might also want to check out the local thrift stores in town. You can buy clothes really cheap then cut those articles of clothing up to make fabric scraps!
You can turn your love for sewing into a profitable business by selling your items at craft fairs or on sites like eBay and Etsy! Darlene's online sewing business has been going strong since February of 2000.
Sanford Craft Business: If you live in Sanford or anywhere in York County, and if you are at least 50 years old, you can sell all your crafts at the Old Timer's Shop located at 917 Main Street in downtown Sanford. They will take any of your crafts and sell them on consignment. You get 70% of the sale price and you are the one who prices your items. So sew up some quilts or fun toys or baby clothing or whatever you like and bring them to the Old Timer's Shop to sell!
Free sewing pattern for an easy to make clutch bag

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What is an appropriate first communion gift
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[url=]ghd hair straighteners[/url] "I spend a lot of time here. I've been to the other newer Eastern Mountain Sports in the region (in Norwalk). I'm glad they put a big store here finally."
"It's a good synergy of values for the two companies. They will be a great cotenant," Arel said.
The store sells outdoor gear for everything from climbing to paddling and camping, along with apparel and shoes.
Arel said he expects the company will have a mutually beneficial relationship with Whole Foods when it opens. Store manager agreed.
Eastern Mountain Sports is the fourth retail store to open at the Shops at , in Danbury. It joins Panera Bread, Petco and Sleeper One. Whole Foods is slated to open in May.

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[url=]ghd hair straighteners[/url] "This is an amazing day in South Carolina," Haley said. She praised Steven B. Tanger, who also attended the ceremony, for putting his private money in the project and not asking for a handout to create hundreds of jobs. "This is what South Carolina is all about and this is what America is all about and I couldn't be more thrilled for South Carolina."
The South Carolina House of Representatives voted Thursday to accept the Senate amendment to H. 3004, a bill to make ontherecord voting in the General Assembly permanent law, after which Haley released the following statement:
Nikki Haley praises jobs created at Tanger Outlet ceremony
"This is a huge win for the people of South Carolina who forever after will know how their legislators vote," Haley said. "I appreciate the House in particular my friend Nathan Ballentine and the Senate for passing this bill. But most of all I appreciate the people of this great state who stood with me and demanded accountability from their government these last three years. Now, by force of law, the people will have it."
Haley said she and her husband look forward to returning to the center to shop on a future visit to Hilton Head. Tanger has five centers along the South Carolina coast including a second one in Hilton Head, two in Myrtle Beach and one in Charleston.

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See Also: Literature   Other pix from Thom
Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review

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See Also: Literature   Other pix from Thom


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