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1953 golaith 23 window express 1100
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VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff
VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff
VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff
Alex Dundee
VW Calendars 2011
Here is the 2011 VW Calendar from Dubz upt Norff. just go to the website to buy one. They are 5.00 each, buy more then one, the are cheaper!
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  VW Shows  Stand By Your Van  Barndoors  Hall of Shame  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Toys & Collectibles  Literature  Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Scenic Route  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Logo'd Buses  Various Parts Pictures  Kombis   Other pix from Undang A.S

Undang A.S

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09/02/10 deepa Good. Keep it up. From

See Also: VW Shows  Stand By Your Van  Hall of Shame  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Literature  Scenic Route  Other Campers   Other pix from Alex Dundee
2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar
2010 VW Calendar
2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar
Alex Dundee
The 2010 VW Calendar from Dubz upt Norff is for sale, Click on the Dubz upt Norff link. ;)
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Stand By Your Van  Hall of Shame  Projects & Restoration  Toys & Collectibles  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Other Campers   Other pix from Alex Dundee
Splitty made Shorter Splitty made Shorter Splitty made Shorter Splitty made Shorter
Alex Dundee
Dubz upt Norff
Bit of photoshopping... ;)
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See Also: Projects & Restoration  Toys & Collectibles  Panels   Other pix from Josh
dads 62 bus dads 62 bus dads 62 bus dads 62 bus dads 62 bus
dads 62 bus
dads 62 bus

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See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Thom
Sandblaster Sandblaster Sandblaster Sandblaster Sandblaster

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08/17/09 Jerry Campos Hey Thom. I am interested in buying the bus you have pictured. Are you selling it? and if so, how much? Please let me know. Thanks Jerry.
PS What year is it? Thanks again.

Other pix from Thom
Parking lot Parking lot Parking lot Parking lot

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Other pix from Thom
36hp engine cart 36hp engine cart 36hp engine cart 36hp engine cart 36hp engine cart
36hp engine cart
36hp engine cart

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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Panels   Other pix from Gran Bertils
Bay Panel Illustration Bay Panel Illustration Bay Panel Illustration
Gran Bertils
Bay Panel Illustration
Made it up for clothes printing Prices in my shop i SEK but payable in other currensies (bad spelling?) 7 SEK = approx. 1 dollar
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See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Kev

bought this in Sept 2006 - now having a repaint and camping interior
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See Also: Various Parts Pictures  Westfalias   Other pix from Tanja Muhrer

Tanja Muhrer
Hi to all friends of Vintage Westis, Im really sorry but I have to sell my T2 Westi! Its built in 74 has original 154000km, orig Radio, Service Guide, new tires, non smoker, nwe interior, etc.....too much to list....looking for it to come in goooooood hands...more pictures und infos via Mail.... Greetings to all Bulli-drivers Hallo liebe Bulli Gemeinde und Freunde der Luftgekhlten, Geile Seite leider muss ich mich aus privaten Grnden von meinem geliebten T2 B Westfalia Bj 74 trennen, ist wie neu, (komplett restauriert, originla Radio, Innensausstattung, neue Reifen, etc.....) wenn ihr Interesse habt, oder jemanden kennt, ihr findet ihn auf der, hoffe er kommt in gute Hnde! ber den Preis knnen wir noch reden! LG an alle Bullifahrer
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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Various Parts Pictures  Deluxes   Other pix from SplitScreen BR

SplitScreen BR
Classic VW's from Brazil. We work tirelessly, ardently and with determination to locate and procure classic VW's in Brazil. Our vision of the the ideal vehicle is one that has maintained and retained it's 'factory originality' and principally was never used as a 'work-horse'. We give preference to sourcing our vehicles from collectors, barn-finds, and family sunday-drivers that is why most of out acquisitions are made far from urban-centers or the atlantic coast (rust-free). We never purchase vehicles with accident history nor those that have 'hack-job' restorations. When our vehicles do require cosmetic, mechanical attention we rely upon the leading professionals in classic car restoration here in Brazil with the emphasis always on quality and workmanship. Our guiding mission is to source the ultimate vehicle for our client...whether it be "original-paint", " showroom-condition", or "full -resto". We have a proven business track record in Europe and have sales pending in Japan and the USA. In this business your 'word' is everything! The Export process is directly overseen by us personally from A-Z, from the paper-work to loading your "precious cargo" in a totally secure container with a premier maritime shipping company. We can also locate spare parts 'used and NOS' in accordance with the clients wishes. Take a look at our stock, new vehicles coming in weekly. Our main source of satisfaction is to see our clients happy and to know that they have acquired something rare and often unique. Best Regards, Fabio and Kevin
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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Other Campers   Other pix from Steve Dombeck
building the prototype building the prototype building the prototype building the prototype building the prototype building the prototype
Steve Dombeck
Here are the pics of me building the prototype for the Westy tent. This is heavy-weight Sunbrella canvas. Once I have the tent pole dimensions and manufacturing specs I will be offering them to the general VW population. Price is still up in the air.
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See Also: Scenic Route  Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Standards   Other pix from Scotty Jackson
Our Tour of the California Coast Our Tour of the California Coast Our Tour of the California Coast Our Tour of the California Coast
Scotty Jackson
After a quick pitstop at A's VW Repair in Seaside California - Justin & I finished our tour of the California Coast.
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