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12/13/13 royarlellLilm 人々、あなたと話をすることをより多くの人々、中に他の人があな [url=]モンクレールメンズ[/url] 場合、あなたはアパート、部屋、自宅、またはデュプレックスを借 [url=]モンクレール ダウンコート[/url] つかのテストは、人がコピーする特定の部分を与えて、自作の段落 [url=]ニューバランス スニーカー キッズ[/url] 死亡のために非難officer.Copsを放免降りてきた。 [url=]ボストンバッグ[/url] えられます。 国の法的規制を設けることにより被保険者に対する [url=]ニューバランス 574[/url] は-題するツードゥー何-WE-欲求態度を参照してください、あ導者が彼らのビジネス慣行に緑行く中で、特にほとんどの国では、

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My BUS 1962 My BUS 1962 My BUS 1962 My BUS 1962 My BUS 1962 My BUS 1962
BUS from Slovak Republic
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AIRS Rescue Trip AIRS Rescue Trip AIRS Rescue Trip AIRS Rescue Trip
AIRS is the Aircooled Interstate Rescue Squad, which is a list of vw people willing to help you in a vw emergency. The AIRS list can be found @ The following story is of our recent AIRS rescue of a girl from Pa and her '78 bus who blew the engine in Hays, Kansas on their way to Denver. So friday, we figure out that there isn't a snowflakes chance in hell of getting Tiffany's (girl from PA) bus fixed in the middle of kansas, so we arrange to tow it to Colorado if she'd pay our gas. She said no problem, so at 5am Saturday morning, we hit the road. After dragging our dolly behind the gas guzzeling V8 the 6+ hours to hays and calling Steve R about 10 times, we finally found the shop where the bus was @, but tiffany wasn't anywhere to be found. Called tiffany about 50 times, and if anyone called her, you know that she has about a 2 minute song on her voicemail that gets really annoying after calling it over and over, not to mention burns cell minutes while on roaming... I had talked to her at around 1pm the previous day, and she said they were in CO, but they were heading out to Hays as we spoke and would be there to help us load it up...etc. So we go talk to the mechanic who says they're in CO, I tell him what I just typed, and he said, oh, well here's this OTHER number I have for them. Call the other number, get Tiffany's friend, who tells me that they're still in BOULDER... Fun times. Figure out a plan to leave the bus @ busted bus in boulder and meet up with tiffany later. Pay tiffany's bill @ the mechanic to get it out, load up the bus, and by this time, Steve Reed comes rollin up in a beautiful Blue / White Acupulco Thing. BS'ed a while with Steve, rode in the thing up to wally world to buy (rent) some magnetic trailer lights, as we had forgotten ours. Thanks Steve for the ride in that beautiful VW! Hooked up the bus and made sure it was on the trailer as tight as could be, and said our goodbyes, as we had a long drive back to CO. All went well until about grinell, Ks, where if you remember my trip back from BBBB 2 years ago, is where my '79 blew up the engine... coincidence, I think not. We went over a particularly rough stretch of road, and the bus jerked to the right and all sorts of debris was flying off. We pulled over and found that the right rear tire on the bus had de-laminated. It was literally "throwing gators" and about 30 seconds away of a blow out. The place we pulled over just happened to be a mechanic's shop, and after rounding off the lugnuts that havent been removed in 20 years, we had to employ the services of the mechanic w/ impact wrench to loosten the lugnuts, not to mention the bottle jack he let us borrow because we had forgotten ours. Pulled the tire off and placed the "spare" tire on the drum. The spare looked original as it was a polyester sidewall bias ply with about 30 years worth of dry rot on it. Now the smart thing to do would have been to pull the tire off the front of the bus, which was up on the dolly, put the spare there, and take the front tire and put it on the back. Well I dont claim to be the smartest cookie in the world, plus the bus was parked uphill, and to unload it, change the tire, and load it back up would have been a gigantic PITA, we just did things the easy way. Well, that lasted about 60 miles, when the spare did the same thing as the first tire, and had the tread disintigrate. First, we thought we'd just roll the bus off the trailer and flip it around, putting the back on the dolly and tying the wheel off so it wouldnt move. Soggy spring plates and short trailer ramps laughed @ us on that one, so on to plan B... Fortunately we were in burlington, Co, a town of a little bit of size, and they had a Napa that was open. Remember that bottle Jack I had mentioned earlier? yeah, well we had to break down and buy another jack, roll the bus off the trailer, take the tire off the front and put it off the back, as was the previously mentioned "smart thing to do"... Took the hubcap off the front tire and whaddya know...the lugnuts WONT come off for love or money. After about an hour of hitting them with wd-40 and smacking them with a cold chisel, they finally broke loose, and I broke my spiffy hazet lug wrench that I got from Richard and Dawn @ Jerome last year... have to get me another one now... Changed out the front and rear right side tires, put the bus back off the trailer, chained it down, made sure things were good and tight, and off we went. All went smoothly until we stopped to get gas outside of Denver. Pulled into the gas station and watched the passenger side front tire roll off of the trailer and fall down infront of the dolly. This, remarkably, is the 2nd time that I've had a vw do that on the dolly when pulling into a gas station. We determined that the tire that had lost the tread was leaking air and gradually losing air pressure, causing the ratchet strap to become loose and allowing the tire to roll forward. (this is the part of the story where it came in handy that I'm 6'3" and a cornfed nebraska boy) Dad rolled the truck forward while I put the bus in gear, pulled the e brake, and literally lifted up on the passenger front corner of the bus. Got it back onto the trailer after giving myself a mild hernia, sinched it back down, and hit the road again. Pulled into busted bus' parking lot at around 10pm. Rolled the bus off the trailer, pushed it into a parking space, gave Tiffany, who had met us there the keys, said our goodbyes, and took off. Rolled into home around 11:30 after dealing with night construction traffic on I-25. Unhooked the trailer, went inside, took a shower and went to bed. Another roadtrip from hell. I'm begining to collect those...
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Have you have seen this camper? Have you have seen this camper? Have you have seen this camper?
Josue Espinoza
Have you have seen this camper? It is on highway 1 Tijuana-Ensenada.
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david breedon
i picked this up today ,in the bush in australia
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11/24/08 Josue Espinoza Very nice!!! and good luck on the project, please post more pictures on the restoration . . . and yes, another one saved!!! I like that . . .
06/21/04 ED Very Cool!!! Another one saved! Good luck on getting her back to life!
06/09/04 Duncan Good on you and good luck!

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66 Bus Ouch! 66 Bus Ouch! 66 Bus Ouch! 66 Bus Ouch!
Harry Houck
Karl von Salzen hit a car today, 4/27/04, after it cut in front of him. He was thrown out the driver's door and came to 5-10 minutes later. Bruises, bumps and a cut ear. He'll be OK, but the bus won't be on the road again.
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06/18/05 Cornish Dragon I hope you are jesting there big boy !
It isn't some piece of modern modering
crap it is a splitty ;)
Get out an ordinary car jack and bend it
back that really is nothing ( believe me)
If you are scrapping it let me know ha ha
I am glad to hear though you were not
to badly injured ..fellow split head !


Happy Van is coming on just fine MOT
next week then it is sun surf and babes !
06/16/05 herbert I can see that you live in a "first world" country where a little damage is the end. This damage is nothing, you would see our "3rd. world" body-thin repair shops!! they are magicians!!
03/20/05 Harry Houck It's back on the road. A body shop pulled it straight enough to drive. Driver's door doesn't fit, so it's been taken off. Karl's been driving it for 9 months.
05/28/04 thom Yowsa! That sucks! Hope you're ok Karl!
05/28/04 Mike Why won't it see the road again? Not worth fixing?

See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Josue Espinoza

Josue Espinoza
Here is another beauty Please forgive my English. I'm a mexican. But VW classic lover.
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See Also: Special Interest   Other pix from Josue Espinoza

Josue Espinoza
what year is it?
I found this beaty in South in Ensenada abandoned in a Ranch, I'm looking if I can buy it from the rancher people there, "I hope, yes"
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04/09/07 Josue Espinoza The bus it's mine now!!, and according to the chassis number you were right, it is 1957 build it between Feb-Mar 1957, so it is in pretty good shape accorging to the years that stayed in the same place, I think about 30 years, so I have a lot to do ahead to restore it.
Es mia ahora!!, Usted estaba en lo correcto, es un modelo 1957 construida entre Feb-Mar de 1957, parece que a pesar de los a駉s, creo que 30, la carroceria esta en buenas condiciones, asi que tengo mucho por hacer para restaurarla.
04/16/04 mike I will guess 57.

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69 Bus goes to pieces! 69 Bus goes to pieces! 69 Bus goes to pieces! 69 Bus goes to pieces! 69 Bus goes to pieces! 69 Bus goes to pieces!
Wally Crane
My VW yard webpage
Here is a bus that used to belong to my uncle, and sat in our yard forever.. I hacked it to bits with an axe, and after removing the roof and the nose, folded up the rest like a chinese food container. What fun!
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04/12/06 alex dude youre sick and wrong. >:(

Other pix from Miguel Brito
Parking under others Parking under others Parking under others
Miguel Brito
When you don't have a good place to stop your Bus, maybe you can put it under other cars. You also have the benefit of being better rain protected, and sure you get the car away from being sacratched from passing people. The problem is: how can I take it out again?... Maybe never... (Of course the car is in a scrapyard, and never see the road again. It is in a Police department, and is going to be melted for the steel. By the license plate, is from 1967/1968)
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01/27/06 Valter Fonseca so mesmo em portugal...
01/14/06 alex hey blane, hotwire hotwire.
04/02/04 Mike Its a 68, look at the drip rail and the latch on the decklid.

Other pix from Florian Decker
on ebay on ebay on ebay on ebay on ebay
on ebay
on ebay
Florian Decker

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06/26/04 Peter Cruel thing, but one of the first 5000 VW-Busses from 1950!
06/20/04 BoxcarSlim This is AWESOME! BEAUTY! A OBJECT worthy of ADULATION! Those other 3 "pin-heads" who expressed Disdain & Scorn are NOT WORTHY to OWN a GREAT MARVEL of GERMAN ENGINEERING! Ye of little faith, BUY A TOYOTO! I own a 1972 Westie that RUN BAD, SHIFTED ONLY OCCASIONLY, SPUTTERED & DIED in TRAFFIC, yet STILL RAN, and after a INVESTMENT in the IDIOT'S BOOK, has BEEN MY HOME since Jan. 1, 2002, & has been FROM LAS VEGAS to EL PASO, YUMA, AZ to BRANSON, MO. & with a MINIMUM of WORK, a MAXIMUM of SCREAMING, CUSSING & INVECTIVE..."She," is STILL RUNNING & Getting GREAT MPG. I WISH I HAD a RACK on top like THIS ONE!!! One in the CATALOGUES built for mine COSTS TWICE what I PAID for "Her!" ($500.00!!!!!!!!!!!) I see a LOVELY LADY in these pictures, needing a Hair-do & a bath! You Effite Boosh-Wah Goyim see "UGLY>" You DESERVE UGLY! Buy yourself a CHEROOKEE ATV! A CADDILACK PLASTIC BROUGH-HAM! Get a LIFE! Ha, Ha, Ha! I only JEST! But I DO SEE BEAUTY!
03/31/04 ED That bus is going to be in the next Mad Max movie.
04/01/04 Rikki James NO, no no no no!
03/29/04 thom That thing is mind-bogglingly ugly.

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3 hours of digging 3 hours of digging 3 hours of digging
Olive groves
Top tip, when driving in Greece, follow the road, not a farm track, unless of course you have a handy shovel...
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Blyth, California Blyth, California Blyth, California Blyth, California Blyth, California
Johnny Hawkins
Every winter this "bus" is parked along the I-10 Highway. After some religious and political dictation, the owner allowed me to snap some shots. Check out the detail on the back.
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bus selecta bus selecta
billy richardson
bus selecta
erwin it dosen mater if i put on bus selecta pic but im sorry bout the bug ones im only 14 years old so give me a bit of recpect
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02/20/05 bill soz aunt been posting them no more soz
02/20/05 billy soz aint been posting them no more soz
12/13/04 aid :)
tell it like it is ;)
12/11/04 Becca I'd just like to know what it is with u guys and ur big thing with making sure everyone knows that ur 'only 14'. Apparently that's like oh so totally amazing and we're supposed 2 drop everything and praise u 4 ur 'fab' bus selecta pics....get over it! I'm a 14 y/o chick, do u see me adding little bits like, 'ohhh I'm a little innocent girl, everyone please be nice to me!!' cuz that's what the hell ur doing! Maybe if u could spell words correctly we'd give u a bit of that "recpect" (?wha?) ur looking for. And I quote u - "im only 14 so dont swear
"....if u reckon ur too young 2 be hearing the stuff on this site, don't come back & keep pissing them off. And surely, at 14 u've definetly got ur own little thesurus of curses, what 14 y/o doesn't?
10/23/04 aid shut up billy get those pics of the web. make yor own web site, i prefer to see real buses not fake ones. save up for a real vw like i have ( eight years ive waited but now i have a 1978 moonraker although i cant drive untill next year!)
get a real bus and post that!
03/01/04 Alex You tell him ERWIN...
Wat een eikel zeg die busselecta gozer, zeker net een nieuwe computer van z'n moeder gekregen...!
I think he doesn't have a van himself and still pie his pants...............8)
02/28/04 Erwin Sure "give you some respect".
What's that on the side of that bus? "Erwin u prick"?
Really mature! You deserve respect........

See Also: Westfalias   Other pix from Karl Orteza
A Sad Day for an Old Westi A Sad Day for an Old Westi
Karl Orteza
My daughter saw this Westi on her way to school one morning, she was so excited to tell me about it, knowing that I love the Vintage Beetles and Bus. I picked her up this afternoon and asked her to show me where it was, I was very enthusiastic about it, I had great ideas on my mind on how to build the old westi and bring it back to life, since she described it to have the old split window. I was driving very slow so as not to miss the location to where she saw it. When i saw it from afar it was wasn't as bad, I stepped down on my car to have a closer look. I froze the moment i saw it, there infront of me was this rundown old canary yellow vintage bus, I couldn't help but felt sorry for this Westi, I was angry to myself to have not seen it years before when it was up and running, coz i use to ride down this road on my bike. It was really a heartbreaker. How could someone be that insensitive and leave it there to rot? I only took one quick shot of the now hopeless Westi for my heart was feeling a lot of loss... Is there any way i can bring this back to life? I guess only a miracle can help me now... :( By the way, I'm from off-shore Manila...
Visitor Comments (Add your Comments)
02/27/04 Spengdog Nothing's impossible, but..... How much time and/or money do you have spare. You're right, it deserves restoration, you're a braver man than I if you take that on. Good luck, may the force be with you!
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