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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers   Other pix from scott willman
Some other VW's i have seen Some other VW's i have seen
scott willman
Here are a few other VW's that could really use some help
 2002-10-08 (49.11k)
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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers  
Junkyard Memories Junkyard Memories

 2002-10-07 (45.95k)
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10/10/02   Poor Mitch

See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers  
Junkyard Memories Junkyard Memories

 2002-10-07 (47.95k)
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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers  
Junkyard Memories Junkyard Memories

 2002-10-07 (42.94k)
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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers  
Junkyard Memories Junkyard Memories

 2002-10-07 (44.2k)
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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers  
Junkyard Memories Junkyard Memories

 2002-10-07 (39.47k)
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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers  
Junkyard Memories Junkyard Memories

 2002-10-07 (46.31k)
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 2002-10-05 (25.4k)
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09/28/05 Rich Way better than the bus they are trying to revive!
12/23/02 Everywhere man Bigger then a bread box, less attractive then a toaster. They shouldnt even think about bringing the mircobus back.. its just a bad idea.. and there options so far for it.. are really poorly planned, even though its still concept.
12/20/02   it looks like a school bus with those huge windows and yellow-orange paint!!
10/25/02 Bethany I LOVE IT!!!
10/13/02 Peter Hey! It looks better than the "microbus" they have out now!
10/10/02 im not proud help me push start it and ill drive it there
10/10/02   i wouldnt drive that to a rock fight
10/10/02   what a shit box, it looks like a seventies bay window and a stepside ran into each other
10/06/02   scrap that whole idea. it really sucks
10/06/02   Vintage buses and vintage Bettles didn't look the same so why do new Buses and New Beetles have to look the same? If you cut those Beetle fenders off this thing it would look pretty cool- better thatn Volkswagen did.

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Sid Vicious's new ride! Sid Vicious's new ride!

Some top notch detective work and well-placed bribes (ahem) I mean "political contributions" reveal that Sid rides the short bus to school.
 2002-09-26 (75.21k)
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02/06/04 SantoZ It's called a tint. Moron.
11/07/02 Barry B Very badly photoshopped, look at the black edging around the door it's cutting into the roof. You can also perfectly in through the front yet it's pitch black through the doors???
09/30/02   thats just a normal old school bus that has been photoshoped.
09/27/02 Jules Just Knew that boy was hiding something sinister
09/26/02 you are lame yeh the least you could have done was find a pic of late model shorty, it dont get much worse than that
09/26/02 Sid Vicious Im gay for you, that is for sure.
09/26/02   Not only does Sid like to take his short bus to school, but he likes his boy-friends know what he likes, he's gay for gods-sake!
09/26/02   OK it's a bus and it has split windows, but come on...........

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scan of peter aschwanden's combi from the book "how to keep your volkswagen alive" by john muir
 2002-09-24 (69.74k)
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See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Dave


 2002-09-20 (48.81k)
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See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Dave


 2002-09-20 (32.07k)
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 2002-09-20 (40.8k)
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11/11/02 Pau Ll鄐tima! I can't afford a simple rusty project and some people can do this!I am really desolated. BTW, if somebody has a 21 or 23w...;-) Greetings from Barcelona and remember: You are always welcome to a free Catalonia!
10/08/02 busper I believe that this was infact a movie scene from what I read on the type2 list.
10/07/02 Chris So anyway back to this bus,W.T.F?
09/24/02 superbus Yeah I have to agree with truckersmike, the bay window looks ok up until 72. The split windows have more classic styling to them. It is all personal preference and opinion. What it boils down to is that ALL BUSES are cool and at least there are a few different types and styles within the spread of the early and late model years and that every person regardless of their liking will find themselves in a bus regardless of what year it is, and that's really all that long they are bussin' and keeping the VW buses on the road, it is all good!
09/24/02 truckersmike I'm not opposed to bays, in fact I'm fond of them up to '72. My first bus was a '72 and it rocked. It was solid and with it's 1800 type 4 engine, I could scream down the freeway at 75-80mpr. She met an unfortunate end though and I've been with splits ever since. In my opinion, most bays after '72 start getting really ugly and the later the year, the uglier they seem to get.
09/24/02 Sid Vicious I have been buying bays for years, they make great storage sheds. What else are they good for?
09/23/02 Sid vicious well I really like bay-windows....actually, I am thinking about selling my splitty and buying a '71 bay window since that is the best. I dunno though, a Vanagon might be better....since I am a WUS!!!
09/23/02   Poor Sid, he's gonna be left with all the crappy splits........
09/23/02 Sid vicious See everybody, bays are better, so...all you dumbies out there go buy a late model and leave the splits to the likes of me.
09/23/02 buswerks All buses are created equal....although the bay is far superior to split-windows buses when it comes down to the real facts of durability. Split windows never came with disc-brakes or IRS or a stronger and beefier suspension build, or a stronger platform on which the body is based upon. Bay windows are truly a much better built bus if you are talking in "how long will it last" type of terms. I mean look at how many splits there are out look at how many bays there are, now guess in twenty years how many bays there will be compared to splits....a lot more bay windows than splits thats for sure. And thats because the bay is created much stronger, really, think about it....the bay window is a better built vehicle. Now I am not saying splits suck compared to a bay window, nor am I stating that bay windows are better than splits...all I am saying is the bay is a better built unit and if you want something to decide. :)~
09/23/02 truckersmike Awhile ago there was a picture of a late bay window that was engulfed in flames and the caption read, "No use wasting a perfectly good fire extinguisher on this late model". That was some funny shit, I tell you what.
09/21/02 joey ramone dammit sid, do you like ANYTHING?
09/21/02 Andrew "Note to self, don't carry so much dynamite in the bus..."
09/21/02 Sid Vicious Hell yeah!! Blow that pig up. Looks like crap anyway, being painted two tone in some other colors than stock. Probably was really a kombi that was shamefully painted like a standard anyhow.
09/20/02 Thom Check those fuel lines!
09/20/02   leaky fuel line?
09/20/02 Chris what is this picture? Someone (a talented someone) playing with Photoshop or was this a movie stunt or something?
09/20/02   I feel sick
09/20/02 Brendan Too bad they didn't do that with a Bay Window...

 2002-09-19 (53.07k)
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09/27/02 Jules My mom. I mean mother (talking like these darn yankees now)was always taking in urchins, God bless her soul.
Post the pic dude Go on, go on, know you want to, gerrit out of your system, tell mamma all about it, you will feel better.
09/26/02 Sid Vicious I posted it on your moms refrigerator. She said it looked good.
09/26/02   I dunno about that Sid, your bus looks pretty hacked to me, Jules bus is NOT "hacked up", it is "RESTORED UP"!! And a damn fine job if i must say.........
09/26/02 jules God I LOVE IT when those mothers are Bitin. just reel them in boy. You forgot to mention were you posted the pic though!!??
09/25/02 Sid Vicious Family Jules, I didnt say dick about this bus. I do own a bus, I dont need to prove it to you, and I didn't hack it into something repulsive like your pile of shit.
09/25/02 60 splitty owner Yeah Sid Vicious, what the heck man? Lets see your bus, or is it a Honda? Mine's posted now, lets see yours. Look for BRM'd '60. Laters.....
09/25/02 Jules hey SID VICIOUS, lets see a pic of your bus. you keep knockin others. reckon you are really some slimey Honda civic owner with a sick grudge about V-Dubs. maybe your Uncle owned one& abused you as a child or some thing like that, anyway i digress just post the pic will yer. to convince me of your sincerity
09/25/02   one very ill bus
09/24/02 vanilla ice looks like a speaker
09/24/02 ED What the heck is that thing mounted behind the drivers seat?

 2002-09-19 (43.72k)
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