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911 Destruction Clip (40Mb)
Yes, that's a piano being dropped on the 911
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07/30/03 doug edwards Does this car belong to Tim Allen?
07/27/03 carol obviously this is his wife, setting up the demonstration, even taking the movie after having picked out the best equipment to do this job with.

my best guess is that he had the oily parts on the livingroom floor for no good reason.

i wonder how much that guy is getting for the 914 i saw on this page. that looked like a nice car that just got forgotten, hopefully never abused or abusive to the living quarters.

i hope that the pleasure of making this movie was worth the investment of this poor womans time.
07/29/03 Adam This guy is so f***ing stupid! He wouldn't know fine machinery if this Porsche ran him over! Hey, that wouldn't be a bad idea! He needs driving lessons too, I love how he rides the clutch all the time in this poor Porsche.
Why do the have such f**ked up TV in Europe?!?!?
07/25/03 Brian B Who is this idiot? It's obviously British TV, cuz the production suxs. Lot's of flaws, namely the engine has been romed for the crane drop.... stupid regarless of the car.
07/25/03 Andrew Holy Crap that's a big file!

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Jeremy Noble

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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Projects & Restoration  Barndoors  Kombis   Other pix from Jeremy Noble
Traded my '67 Sunroof Beetle for it! Traded my '67 Sunroof Beetle for it!
Jeremy Noble
I traded my 1967 sunroof beelte for this 63 Kombi. Let me know what you think.
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09/28/03 valter fonseca my bus had an accident very much alike Jayson's and i'm still restoring it. i have some recent pictures of my modest work so far, in this site, and i hope both buses might get what they deserve, gasoline and true care.
about that trade, i wouldn't hesitate.
greetings from portugal! drive safely
09/13/03 Jeremy Does anyone have any info on how to replace rusted body panels? The do's and don'ts? Im new to this, and am going to tackle it!! Any help would be great! My email is
08/10/03 Jayson Brumfield Check out my bus that is posted and please take note it was a real banged up rusted speciman before body work and paint and a lot of elbow grease the whole drivers side cargo panel was bashed in from a broad side! so you're bus can be what you want it to be! Don't except any negetive comments and dive in to it with love and patience ! you are a bus guy now any bus that can be saved and breath new life in to is worth personal rewards that are priceless! may you're bus experiance be as rewarding as mine..
08/05/03 greg beetle for a bus.....good trade!
07/24/03 Jeremy Yes, it was, it needed complete restoration.
07/21/03 Spengdog I sincerely hope your beetle was shabby.
07/22/03 julian dalton worth trading all your grandparents for. at least?? handle looks like inner handle off a bay, May need some attention?
07/22/03 Jeremy Noble Thom, do you or anyone else for that matter have any information about stock interior (seating mainly)? Im not sure exactly what types of seats went with this type of van, as I am a fairly new van owner. Also, if anyone has any info. about my style bus, it would be great to hear about it!
07/20/03 Thom There's a stick, and you're holding the big end.

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Martha's Vineyard Graveyard

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Split Shorty at 'BAY' Pharmacy Split Shorty at 'BAY' Pharmacy Split Shorty at 'BAY' Pharmacy Split Shorty at 'BAY' Pharmacy
David Irwin
Saw this Shorty in May 2003 in Brewster, Mass. (Cape Cod) It's used as a billboard for "BAY PHARMACY, Ltd". Check out the logos!!! Maybe they should sell it to me and get themselves a BAY-Window VW?? :)
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Porsche 914 Porsche 914 Porsche 914 Porsche 914 Porsche 914
Andrew Strom
I'm looking at this '75 914 to buy for a project.
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08/04/03 kerry nelson Howdy, where is it and is it still available, I'm interested in the project myself.
07/14/03 Ed Pull it out of the mud, take it home, and get ready for the horror of "rust free".
07/10/03 Andrew Aside from that rear trunk lid, there's no rust on the body or pan (aisde from a few spots of light surface rust).
07/10/03 thom Um, Andrew; when he said "Rust Free" he meant the *rust* is free! :)

(rust-free 914) == (military intelligence)
07/10/03 Andrew Actually, it's a no rust 914. He's asking $700.
06/30/03 thom So how much are the paying you to haul it off?

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06/23/03 thom It's not easy to see, but that's a bicycle under the front bumper of the bug

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Yes the moral of the story is.......... 18 wheelers and small vw buses do not mix. At approximately 5am this morning we found that fact out for ourselves. So here is how it starts, the whole weekend went well, good, and even great, the usuall suspects and great vw's. The only problem all weekend was Richards Clutch on the container van that we thought was fixed after the christmas tree island repair session, but it as not. We planned to hit the beach on monday so on sunday night we spent the night at our friend gregs house. Then on monday we hung out with another friend and checked out some very awsome vw buses again. But getting later into the afternoon we knew we had get going to get home in time to get Richard on his plane to germany. So off we went. All was fine untill later that evening when Richards clutch went out. No problem I made sure I had a tow and my tow hitch, and extra wire for lights, we hooked up in Indio and we were ready to go after a little adjustment to the front end alignment. I started the night with our friend as a co piolet and talia robert and richard all camping in the back. After I got tired we switched drives to richard and then to our friend and back a forth a bit thru the evenening with plenty of time to get home. Then all I know is that I am woken up in the back bed of the high roof while sliding on its side hoping that we would just not flip over? We didnt and I was very glad for that. I was on top of talia attempting to wake here up and find robert. I heard out friend say he had robert and he was ok and safe so I had to figure out how to get out. Soon I heard our friend and richard outside and heard richard say the bus was on fire and we had to go out thru the front. If any of you know how full the bus was it was a little harder than that. All I could see was a small gap where the light and smoke and soon fire was and feel talia under me. I attempted to wake her up and get off of her in the confined space I was in and I had no idea where in the bus I was. Finally talia came too and sat up, I told here we needed to get out of the bus thru the front somehow but I could not move anything around me and about this time I was getting scared and all because the fire was right there and the flames were filling up the small gap I had to see out of, which ended up being the back window. Talia all of a suden sat up and like wonder woman pushed all the boxed off of us and scooted out thru a hole. I followed and soon found myself crawling out of the front window that was broken. I was able to make it 50 feet from the bus and layed down. Then I looked behind me and saw the large semi with another car stuck to its nose? I decieded to go down tward the back of my bus were I saw other people and at this time knew we were all out and safe. I found Robert and just held on untill the ambulance got there. He was perfect, no scratches or brueses or anything. I had a huge bump on my head and Talia had a small cut on here eyebrow that they hospital super glued back together. Richard and out friend made it out to with no need to go to the hospital. So what happened you ask again. Well at around 5 am this morning a very fast semi came up behind us and ran into the back of the container van, or should I say ran over it? It was as I mentioned before attatched to us because we were towing it. The semi pushed the container van into the back of the high roof sending its rear into the air and dislodging the two buses apart. The container van stayed attatched to the front of the semi as it ran into the gaurd rails and burst into flames. The high roof was sent onto its side when the container van was ripped right off of the rear. We slid for a bit and the engine caught on fire. Richard and friend were secured in the front seat and our friend got out and was able to kick out the original brake away glass from europe in the highroof making an escape route for Richard and all of us. They were also able to put out the fire so Talia and I were able to get away. Talia and I went to the emergency room and were distcharged in a timly manner after waiting a bit for her exray and my catscan. We all got back together at the hospital to go out and rent a rental car and pull the important stuff out of the high roof and make it back to Phoenix just in time to catch the plane to germany. I do mean just in time, our friends were calling us as the plane was boarding trying to hold his seat and had he been one minute later he would have been sitting here right next to me. We are all a bit shooken up and some of us have markes to show for it but we all got out in plenty of time and that is all that really maters. The truck driver has insurance and all should work out fine I hope. The container van is in about 4 pieces in a tow yard out near the CA AZ boarder and is nothing more that some of the top frame and a totally smasched in front nose, that if you can imagine is what did the rear damage to the high roof. The highroof is also out that way and later on this week I will attempt to retrieve both of them back here to Phoenix. All of richards tools, swap meet finds, nos parts, my new racks, most of my PLF t-shirts and our friends most personal belonging went up into flames in the container van. Were were able to find and salvage most everything in the high roof, only missing a few pieces so far like Talias glasses. I found my camera, rayban sunglasses, my litterature I had taken to show a few people and most of my more valued things I went looking for. Several things are still unacounted for and we have not really had a chance to view the totall loss, we just wanted to make it home. I will go look along the highway on my way back to see what else I can find, Richard found some of his nos parts just laying about, some good, most not. But none the less, the most important things were alllllll safe and sound.
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10/22/04 Bonez Brutal.
02/25/04 nick that hast to be the sadest thing i have ever seen.
11/22/03 Paul Sims geez.

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Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power
I found this in a warehouse in Riverside Iowa
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09/25/04 patrick Yo what a find did you know that this was the bus in the play "Hair" I kid you not i have a picture of in it the play somewhere in my stuff
02/12/04 tom dutton oh my god poor sole.DO IT UP IT WUD BE SO KOOL. IL WOULD DO ANYTHINK TO OWN THS VIECHAL.
06/14/03 ED Great find. Grab it if you can! The back end looked a little questionable though. Any more pics and any mods? What's the real deal with this bus? Good potential or forever locked up by the old school dreamer?

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De bus van Marco Verschelling, voor de fatale aanrijding. Rotterdam, 25 maart 2001. Een zwarte dag. De laatste dag van het zwart met vlammen busje. Rechts net voor het achterwiel geramd, gekanteld, tegen een paal van de trambovenleiding geklapt met de achterkant van het dak, terug de weg op gestuiterd en op de wielen neer gekomen. Gelukkig had de bestuurder alleen een blauw oog en een schram op zijn been door de huissleutels in zijn broekzak. Het dak is in elkaar gefrommeld door de paal van de trambovenleiding. Dat hij hier zonder kleerscheuren uit is gekomen verbaasde de politie en het ambulancepersoneel. Onze oude bussen zijn best stevig..
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07/23/09 Paul Hierstein Man, I couldn't have said it better!

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hungry 73
This was my first van - drove it accross Canada, the States and Mexico - It went through two engines - the last one I bought in Missoula Montana - came right out of a Beetle - cost me $400.!!!
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67 raised roof 67 raised roof
Front view of my 600 loonie rust bus...
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06/29/03 BigStew I've got a '66 just like it I've been, aahh, 'restoring ' for the last 25 years. In other words, it's been garaged the last 20. The interior looks to be Sundial and the roof is identical to yours. Sundial did this as an option on some models but I ain't seen any others but mine and yours. Not even in my many junkyard visits. Good luck with this one.
06/13/03 Lill' Mona I recal my ex-boyfriend's similiar van. He drove it through Mexico one year. After putting several hundred dollars into repairs. Sort of what is required for this one. Due to its innept apparatus(the Chassis had more rust on it than a ball park weenie) and undersensitive steering to. It was a 67'. So,after Bernard arrived home to Whistler he had many a story to tell. He met a welder named Weldon from Winnipeg. They worked on the passenger side seats and the doors. Sadly,the van was impounded on Mayne island after it crashed into the Spring Water Inn. The owner was irate and unclothed. He pressed charges and Bernard is the 'Prag' in Kent. I hope your time is better spent.
06/03/03 Stewart This is a classic fixer-Upper jobby. Yes,indeed. Bearded lunatics and fuzzy thinkers alike can rejoice and raise a glass of whiskey over this vintage vehicle. Folks may chuckle and pull a jive ass manouvre...with words of disdain and clever forms of regional phrasiology. Vana-Hollics and dweebs can take a windex bath over the costs as well. Plucking your beard with tweasers is less affective than good old elbow grease. A little birdie told me that the new owner is without a job but really relishes the time he has with ole 'Wanda.'

See Also: Projects & Restoration  Other Campers   Other pix from Arran
67 raised roof 67 raised roof 67 raised roof 67 raised roof
I bought this bus in early May for $600. Mechanically sound but needs a lot of body work as well as jack supports and outriggers. I'm thinking of getting rid of the raised roof.
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03/04/04 Gillboy! Arran, i'd have paid the money dude! I nearly bought one in England 4 1800 which is about $3,400 so it aint bad mate. $600 is about 340 and i'd have definately paid that!! Good look mate.
06/13/03 arran Yep time to dust off the cougar photos. Luckily I do have a friend who knows how to weld. It's coming along slowly but surely. Does anyone have info on the raised roof???
06/06/03 ED Honestly, $600 seems abot $500 to much. But I'm from the N.E. and have seen some rough rides revived. This on the other hand looks pretty bad. Hope you have alot of time, money, and friends who know how to weld. Good luck and hey, the last thing you need to worry about right now is the raised top! Get to work!
06/02/03 Disco Dunn Bearded, my good friend Arran is currently putting his heart and soul into restoring this vehicle. It was not bought for the purpose of cheating on his lady. He is the salt of the earth and has a fascinating collection of photos featuring you and a cougar twice your age, so cut the guy some slack, will you?!
05/28/03 bearded This is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen. The owner of this must be very proud. For $600 he could have gone to Cancun for a week long bender and maybe even have gotten laid. The chances of getting laid in this thing are zero, even if the girl is drunk he still won't score dude! Two thumbs down!

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Bug-O-Rama Bug-O-Rama

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