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1960 Bus 1960 Bus 1960 Bus 1960 Bus 1960 Bus
Ighor Toth

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how NOT to get your new bus home how NOT to get your new bus home
Rex Allen
this is for real. bus being transported in the back of a ford ranger pu.
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Don Plumley

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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Robert Janca
1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor
Robert Janca
It was a shame is that VW copied this 1934 Mercedes to build its bug. Ah, and here is a picture of my 1972 Mercedes 306D bus.
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Robert Janca
1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor
Robert Janca
It was a shame is that VW copied this 1934 Mercedes to build its bug. Ah, and here is a picture of my 1972 Mercedes 306D bus.
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Robert Janca
1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor 1934 Mercedes 130H - Rear Engine VW Precursor
Robert Janca
It was a shame is that VW copied this 1934 Mercedes to build its bug. Ah, and here is a picture of my 1972 Mercedes 306D bus.
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See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Thom
Electric Bus Electric Bus Electric Bus
This is (was) a '62 deluxe cut down to a shorty and converted to electric and ran around the Sacramento area years ago.
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yannos shailos

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Undang A.S

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See Also: VW Shows  Stand By Your Van  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Literature  Scenic Route  Your Shop  Other Campers   Other pix from Alex Dundee
2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar
2010 VW Calendar
2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar
Alex Dundee
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Splitty made Shorter Splitty made Shorter Splitty made Shorter Splitty made Shorter
Alex Dundee
Dubz upt Norff
Bit of photoshopping... ;)
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Other pix from Thom


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Other pix from Payton
junky van . junky van .

i think ive uploaded this picture like 4 times and it hasnt worked ...
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Who am I? I  feel so alone. Who am I? I  feel so alone. Who am I? I feel so alone.
Tinker Ellison
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See Also: Projects & Restoration  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Kombis   Other pix from RENE ORTEGA
visit my full gallery
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06/22/09 Narayan Hola, que tal? I am writing from New Mexico. I also have a bus, 64 slider, and will be taking it into Mexico in the next few months and want to restore it. Do you have any suggestions? Nice photos by the way, I checked out you flikr page.
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my  my previous vw's 55euro?�®°�®¿�®ª�¯�௦�யிரஜயர௠ my previous vw's 55euro?茂驴陆忙潞啪??茂驴陆脗漄17茂驴陆茅藛鹿忙潞啪忙茠颅?茂驴陆忙  my previous vw's 55euro脙篓芒鈧  robert ball  ron 
so42  steve  

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'23 window' 29131  2 28696  'rikki james' 27845  ' for sale 26719  'the ' 24391  '21 window' 20740 
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