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On the road again On the road again
Jason South
On holiday in country Victoria...Australia..6 watss and 36 horsepower of screaming VW.
 2000-11-22 (68.89k)
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Driving in the rain Driving in the rain

Here's a pic I took while driving my 1955 westy in the rain to the Kelly Park show
 2000-11-09 (58.28k)
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Me being goofy in Riggins, ID on the way down to Boise Me being goofy in Riggins, ID on the way down to Boise
Adam 'Beefcake' Bruno

 2000-11-04 (147.89k)
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See Also: Double Cabs   Other pix from Sonney & Donna
Oct 2000 in So Ariz Oct 2000 in So Ariz
Sonney & Donna
We traveled from Harrison, Ark to Baja Calif. On our way home we took a side trip to Douglas, Az. This picture was taken near Sonoita, AZ
 2000-10-28 (13.86k)
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Misc Barndoors Misc Barndoors

Barndoor mania!
 2000-10-26 (32.77k)
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See Also: Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from Chuck Wagen
European Tour
Chuck Wagen
Here is a pic I took of the velvet green machine while I was in Weisbaden Germany. It is amazing how everything looks so old there even today.
 2000-10-23 (939.88k)
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See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from dave kroesen

dave kroesen
cruising the '67 deluxe down the Pacific coast after the Solvang show, with the combi-camp tent trailer in tow.
 2000-10-20 (65.91k)
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Desert Bus

 2000-10-14 (32.72k)
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See Also: Deluxes  
Desert Bus

 2000-10-14 (23.61k)
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See Also: Barndoors  Deluxes  
Marc Nogarede

The bus is a 53 deluxe, sold new in Switzerland as a public transportation. restored by myself 6 years ago. actual location : Geneva
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