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See Also: Toys & Collectibles   Other pix from Mike Brown
Across and a little wet. Across and a little wet.
Mike Brown
We did make it across most of the way, it was just climbing up the bank that gave us some trouble. Good thing there was the seven of us to push and pull her to dry land.
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See Also: Toys & Collectibles   Other pix from Mike Brown
End of the road End of the road
Mike Brown
And it was apparent that a river crossing was in store for us. The bus was loaded with a 7 man work crew plus tools and spare parts for the rally.
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Other pix from Mike Brown
On safari in Sacramento On safari in Sacramento
Mike Brown
The seven of us had to cross many miles of dry desolate land in the Kombi support vehicle for the rally. The heat was horrendous but we managed, err..., I mean our Kombi managed.
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See Also: Kombis   Other pix from diego
My bus in Purmamarca (Argentina) My bus in Purmamarca (Argentina)

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See Also: Stand By Your Van   Other pix from nick aragon
OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03'
nick aragon
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See Also: Stand By Your Van   Other pix from nick aragon
03' classic trip! 03' classic trip! 03' classic trip! 03' classic trip! 03' classic trip!
nick aragon
just got into the HYATT..long trip down I-5 from nor cal, and what i love about so-cal the most....the traffic!
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Other pix from Koke

Life is a beach. Life is a Volkswagen!!
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See Also: Projects & Restoration  Double Cabs   Other pix from Herbert Fuentes
67 crew cab 67 crew cab
Herbert Fuentes
This is my project. A 1967 crew cab. This picture was taken near Guatemala's airport and this hard work mule is carrying 900 kg of cargo. This year will go to resto. His "reborn". THis is a bad picture, but a digital will arrive soon.
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See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Dirk

Early morning Fog in Tennessee on the way to Bug-A-Paluza 5, Chattanooga. First time entry ever in a VW show, brought home first place trophy for Early Bus.
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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Deluxes   Other pix from hippyhappy

MooMoon, my bus and me in france... 350 km in the night for fun
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See Also: Westfalias   Other pix from lind bjornsen
westies in the woods westies in the woods westies in the woods westies in the woods westies in the woods
lind bjornsen
................... ................... ..................... ...................... ................. ....................... ...................drove my 58 camping last weekend. found a hill that was too steep for 36 hp and balding 40 year old bias ply tires.
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04/30/03 Mike Guess you dont need license plates when your off road.

Other pix from nick

think us californians gonna see this anytime soon? i took this 40 miles north of atlanta
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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)   Other pix from Frankie Guti閞rez

Frankie Guti閞rez

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05/07/03 Thomas Hey is that the road to pointe tomas? I've taken my bay westy there!
05/05/03 Frankie This shot at the beach is about 2 hours south of Ensenada, Baja California near San Vicente! Good fishing there!!!
04/26/03 nick hey wheres that pic taken at?

Other pix from Tim T
Me and my family at Joshua Tree
Tim T
Da's Bus
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07/07/06 Denice Hi Tim, Looks like you are very happy. So, you still have the Hope life is treating you well. Take care, Denice

Other pix from nick aragon

nick aragon
ogt to love that freeway flyer trans (never mind that light ha!)
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04/18/03 nick actually i didnt really get the tranny to fly down the roads, i got it to keep the rpms down at normal speeds, i usually cruise at 65-70 and my motor is barley turning, along with my type4 oil cooler set up it never gots hot.
04/18/03 Andrew Only 70? I've had mine up to 80 with my freeway flier. Didn't have the guts to also take a picture at the same time though...
04/17/03 Sean A KLM Speedo helps it feel faster too!
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