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    See Also: Other Campers   Other pix from Eric Williams

    Eric Williams
    More Restoration pics.
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    See Also: Other Campers   Other pix from Eric Williams

    Eric Williams
    My 1967 Riviera camper.
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    See Also: Westfalias   Other pix from Elena Southern
    1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper
    1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper
    1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Camper
    Elena Southern

    1967 For Sale on and Bus located in Cary, NC (SUPERKIND).
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    04/06/10 warren are we still for sale? how much?
    05/02/09 Elena 5/1/09/ My 1967 VW has been SOLD! It's a bitter sweet moment for me. :')

    See Also: Other Campers   Other pix from alex glennie

    alex glennie
    bought Frisco from e-bay USA,
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Projects & Restoration  Other Campers   Other pix from robert fredrickson
    Restored Bug Bus Restored Bug Bus Restored Bug Bus Restored Bug Bus
    robert fredrickson
    See my picture in Sept 08 hot vw's
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    See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Joel Racine

    Joel Racine

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    See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Scenic Route  Kombis   Other pix from Paul Gallagher
    See in Dublin Ireland See in Dublin Ireland See in Dublin Ireland
    Paul Gallagher

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    02/27/09 Paul Gallagher I made a Spelling Mistake!
    The Titles should have said "Seen In Dublin!"

    See Also: Other Campers   Other pix from Andrew Baugh
    Sunset In San Diego Sunset In San Diego
    Andrew Baugh

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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Standards   Other pix from Taki


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    See Also: Sundial Campers   Other pix from Arq. Miguel Alcazar
    Baja Mexico Baja Mexico Baja Mexico Baja Mexico Baja Mexico
    Arq. Miguel Alcazar
    Baja Mexico
    Some more Pictures, I Started a Blog! It's call "Green Bean Baja" check the link and updates!, you can leave comments (and also if u want help with sponsoring the Travel and rebuild this Bus!) tank's! for visiting. This Pictures were taken in San Quintin, Baja Caliornia, Mexico, (aprox. 250km. from Tijuana Baja California,Mexico).
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    See Also: Sundial Campers   Other pix from Arq. Miguel ALcazar
    Baja Mxico Baja Mxico Baja Mxico Baja Mxico Baja Mxico
    Arq. Miguel ALcazar
    Baja Mxico
    Some more Pictures, I Started a Blog! It's call "Green Bean" chek the link and updates!, you can leave comments (and also if u want help with sponosring the Travel and rebuild this Bus!) tank's! for visiting. 1.- The firts Picture is with my friends of the WideOpenBaja in El Palomar B.C. Mex. 2.-On San Quintin B.C. Mex. 3.-On San Quintin B.C. Mex. (heyyy! That's my Wife!) 4.- Boats in San Quintin, we met the local Fisherman, and they sale us Some Fresh Fish! mm mm
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    07/22/10 SBIGGY Hey guys,

    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers   Other pix from Ed Tieman
    In the process. In the process. In the process. In the process. In the process. In the process.
    Ed Tieman
    What a job.
    It has been a long process just doing the outside and the engine and the elec work and....
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    See Also: Westfalias   Other pix from Ray 'Frog' Carlson

    Ray 'Frog' Carlson
    On The Road Again
    More shots of my Doll. Also has a custom made awning that is length of van and 6.5 feet wide. She had 170,000 on her when I got her. Has been to New Foundland 3 or 4 times, across Canada several times, and lord only knows how many trips across the USA. This will be my "retirement" home in a few years and she will be on the road again. There is also a custom matching trailer that came with her that will be put to good use! :) She resides in N.E. Alabama, USA. The gentleman on the left in the pic is the original owner. The sale was kind of like an adoption process!! And what a prize!!
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    See Also: Westfalias   Other pix from Ray 'Frog' Carlson

    Ray 'Frog' Carlson
    This is my "new" '72 Westfalia. I am second owner of this doll! 100% original, except for tires. Dual carbs replaced by 1st owner with Holley/Weber 2 Stage 2bbl. Gotta Love It!!
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Single Cabs   Other pix from mike


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    09/27/10 Raymond Rapozo Hi, Is this Single cab still for sale? and where is this location??
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