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    1968 Dahomey, Africa postage stamps
     2002-07-09 (106.91k)
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    07/12/02 kral great lookin staps
    07/10/02 Brad Were these made in Photoshop or something? Is there really a place called Republic of the Homies?

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    59 Kombi rescued 59 Kombi rescued
    Found sitting in a yard in Grant,Alabama.Luckily under a cover,and over a paved driveway.Wife fell in love with it at first site.Had it flat bedded home.Checked the oil,and she fired right up!Put air in the tires,and we`ve been driving it for 2 weeks now.Drove her to the big 4th of July fireworks celebration on Lake Guntersville,Alabama.Everyone had to come over,and see her.Goes in the shop in a week,or two,for a full service.Then new tires,and exhaust.Hopefully over the winter she`ll get a new coat of paint.Turns out to be an Alabama bus(No road-salt here!).Sold new at Bridge`s VW,Birmingham,Alabama.Oh well,now I`ve got to sell the wife`s car,and restore the Kombi.Anyone want to buy a good BMW Convertible cheap?
     2002-07-06 (61.56k)
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    06/25/03 alison fulps interested in the bmw for sale, please contact me either email or phone - 283 1497, or 334 598 9131 thanks

    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from domi


     2002-06-30 (40.3k)
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    07/11/02 Pete Agreed
    07/01/02 meredith gotta work on your photoshop skills.

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    1966 Micro walk-thru 1966 Micro walk-thru
    Thomas Bassler
    Cruisn'back home with my new/old '66 Standard
    See the video

     2002-06-26 (178.32k)
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Standards   Other pix from Thomas Bassler
    1966 Micro walk-thru 1966 Micro walk-thru
    Thomas Bassler

    Getting ready to see your new home by the beach.
     2002-06-26 (360.25k)
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     2002-06-24 (43.01k)
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    See Also: Working Buses  Special Interest   Other pix from David Mayes
    Doing what feels good Doing what feels good
    David Mayes
    Happy 35th Birthday Tipper
    On my tippers birthday (June 22), we commermorated the event with a trip to the dump and then celebrated with a birthday cake!
     2002-06-23 (95.5k)
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    06/25/02 Dave Believe it or not, the only (common) vintage wheels that will bolt up to a 67 bus without modifiying anything are brms and 5 lug sprint stars! Raders, empi GTs, Ansens, etc, all either need wheel spacers or the center hole in the rim to be enlarged slightly for the rear drums. Believe me, I tried 'em all in hopes for something to go to the classic with!
    06/24/02 23window Why not bolt up some of those Radars you've got stashed away :)
    06/24/02 Dave Ok, I never took off the radials after my trip down to LA for the octo/classic weekend. Those wheels are off my 58 ghia. I don't trust the og Continentals that I got with the tipper... and have to find some new 14" tires that would be relatively correct.
    06/24/02 Thom They look like bug wheels to me...
    06/23/02   What kind of wheels are those? European commercial units?

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    Drive your bus today at the Omaha College World Series Drive your bus today at the Omaha College World Series
    Rob Laffoon
    Drive your bus today at the Omaha College World Series
     2002-06-22 (63.41k)
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    08/25/02 steve tell me please, where did you get the canvas cover and frame?

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     2002-06-13 (13.28k)
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    See Also: Scenic Route  Deluxes   Other pix from lind bjornsen
    road trip road trip
    lind bjornsen
    this is a picture of the return trip from the classic. ten minutes after this picture was taken, my beloved 63 deluxe bus died a horrible death.
     2002-06-11 (81.79k)
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    07/17/02 Andrew Wood That totally sucks about the '63.I'd hate to see a Baywindow go over,let alone your Deluxe.I also don't think it's time for people to start lecturing on the values of slamming your bus.Grow up,Patrick.Everyone has accidents & I've seen more "supercars" which are designed to handle in bad smashes than humble standard buses.
    06/26/02 incynr8 I checked all my lug bolts after this one, some needed tightening..Please check them in memory of Lind's bus!
    06/14/02 david benardo Thanks for putting up your story ( ) We should all check wheels today. Thanks for all the cool pics of a loved bus. Hope you get new one soon.
    06/14/02 lind thanks to all for the support. you can read the full description of the accident on my website:
    06/13/02 Mike Patrick, your the DA who mentioned anything about it.
    06/13/02   I cant remember the last time I saw a lowered bus without a beat up underside. GFY
    06/13/02 Patrick Hall Lind-you get more props than most guys because I've seen how much you drive your bus and its cool that you do. Your '63 was nice and I think it's a shame that it happened, but chill out a bit already. I live and love vintage buses but I'm sick and tired of the total negativity that comes off of some stock height bus Nazi's. Anyone who thinks that all lowered buses are impractical or uncomfortable needs to reinform themselves.
    06/13/02 Tom Mink Lind - Major bummer about your 23-window, that was a really nice bus. I'm glad you're ok, though. So how did it happen?
    06/13/02 lind hey patrick, go fuck yourself you stupid son-of-a-bitch
    06/13/02 Sean I can't remember the last time I saw a lowered bus OFF asphalt. So much for camping....
    06/13/02 Patrick Hall I can't remember the last time a lowered bus rolled over.....hmmmmmm.
    06/12/02 david benardo Glad you are OK. What exactly happened?
    06/12/02 lind I rolled it over at 55mph. my co-pilot and myself survived, but the bus didn't
    06/11/02 Mike I just read what happened and I am glad you came out ok, sorry about the bus.
    06/11/02 Mike Yeah, It didn't get into an accident did it? Hopefully you mean the motor went south.
    06/11/02 Thom What was the "horrible death?"

    See Also: Hall of Shame  Rare Buses and Parts  Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from domi


     2002-06-09 (33.34k)
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    See Also: Hall of Shame  Rare Buses and Parts  Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from Domi


     2002-06-04 (32.51k)
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    06/11/02   cheeky!

    See Also: Hall of Shame  Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from Domi


     2002-06-03 (36.22k)
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    See Also: Bus Art & Cool Photography   Other pix from Domi


     2002-06-02 (22.18k)
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    See Also: Scenic Route  Deluxes   Other pix from Eric
    Eric's 21 window Eric's 21 window
    1966 21 window yellow Deluxe, restored except for bumper trim. It's a So. Cal. Surf Bus complete with hula doll on dash.
     2002-06-02 (242.25k)
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    07/24/02   thats really not that rare, I have one of those but mine's a double-door too thats rare
    07/23/02 Dude Well, I have a 1949 35 window deluxe barndoor split window binz hebmuller van with v8 and automatic and air conditioning, it's a one year only option.
    07/23/02   why not I have a 27 window i'ts great
    07/23/02 Brad Who is going to add the extra 3 windows to make a "26 window" bus?
    07/19/02 bill ding "QUINTESSENTIAL"
    07/10/02   I have a 26 window for sale, how much cash do you have. It is a project that needs to be finished, im asking 500 bucks.
    07/10/02 Danny Eric...
    I have been searching for a Bus like this for about a month! If you dont mind me asking, where did you buy your bus and would you happen to know of anyone that is selling a 26 window?
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