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    My grandfather's splitty camper My grandfather's splitty camper
    This is my grandfather in the late 1960s in Australia, with his splitty camper.
     2002-09-13 (42.6k)
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    See Also: Scenic Route  Rare Buses and Parts  Sightings  Club Pages   Other pix from Jim Ellis
    There is better than a fifty percent chance that Jerome12 will be wet/muddy. There is better than a fifty percent chance that Jerome12 will be wet/muddy.
    Jim Ellis
    The annual AZ Bus Club charity event is traditionally either hot and dry or wet and wild. It appears that the folks in this photo are the early arrivals running for the best camp spots like Okies running for free land. Prepare for either type of weather and be there. Druggies, under aged driners and loud A-holes from Sacramento pls stay the F home. Rubber Johnny, Rubber Johnny! duh! Search this Gallery for "Rubber Johnny"
     2002-09-12 (36.96k)
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    09/23/02 Beavis hmmm hmmmm hm hmmmm hmmmm
    09/23/02 Butthead huhuh huh huhuhuhuh uhuhuh
    09/23/02 Berlin well I think I see you spanking your monkey and thats really FOUL!!
    09/23/02   Berlin, you want to see someone spanking there monkey? Thats foul.
    09/23/02 Berlin is someone spanking their monkey in the picture or something? I don't get it..........
    09/23/02   time to SPANK THE MONKEY!!! ooooohhhh, and it's a wet monkey too!!
    09/19/02 jules Do we now have to remove our 'not tested on animal stickers'????? from our custom/stock resto efforts
    09/19/02 Jim Ellis Start with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the other monkeys with cold water.
    After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same result - all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.
    Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.
    Next, remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm! Likewise, replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked. Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.
    After replacing all the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, no monkey ever again approaches the stairs to try for the banana, attempts a restoration, goes against the crowd, thinks of anything truly unique or creative nor do they dare to upgrade themselves.
    Some folks love to be negative and not contribute to the positive outcome. In my book they are all wet (as seen in the photo). It's easy to be a target when you dare to stand up and take like a man. Maturity is an elusive beast to some folks. Good luck and surf the wave.
    09/18/02 FufkHead Fufk you, you fufkin fufk head, whinny McFufkins
    09/18/02   So does the charity get a cut of the weed sales?
    09/18/02   Jerome charity event went great!! I think I heard Jerry or Jon say that ABC raised 35k dollars for the charity!! What a great accomplishment! ABC truly knows how to do it. I have to hand it to the ABC for the great show they have always put on, it was a LOT of fun and I hope all you guys who were there had a good time as well, whether you drove a superbeetle or 97 eurovan up there I am sure it was fun. Later on....from the slowest bus around (well, at least in Jerome it's the slowest!)
    09/17/02 sean with all this Drama how was the "charity" benefit"?
    09/17/02 sean gee i thought my life was bad untill i saw this...come here i'll smoke all of ya out...peace!sean
    09/17/02 superbeetle Jim, thanks for the offer of help. Don't own the 'old Superbeetle anymore but maybe in the future, just my alias/handle I have had since my OT big rig days. And I did not mean to criticize you either. Maybe next time around at an event I will find you and introduce myself and we can chat VW's and GTO's while sipping on an ice cold Guiness. I would include my e-mail address in my "post name" but my friend would not appreciate that since this is his computer and I'm just "playing". I'm sure someone would have to send a "thoughtful" e-mail on this topic and don't want that to come over onto his computer. Just passed up a '70 vert by the way last Phx for 5800.00!! Needed a lot of rust work but useable, they are not getting cheaper...just like VW's!! C-ya....
    09/17/02 Jim Ellis well jim- there is an alternative!!! dont be a part of "the
    scene". drive your bus (or do you have one anymore?),
    enjoy yourself and quit all the bitching. you chose to go
    camp there, although it apparently has quite a bad
    reputation. not saying that everyone else is right...but you
    brought it on yourself so take it like a fucking man.

    Ha! It's obvious that the two last posters dont know me very well or at all. Trust me, I have paid my dues, have never bothered to own a Superbeetle much less take criticism to heart.
    Checking with the spouse she said that the new baby slept through the night. I do know that the two year old freaked when I startled her when I came to bed at all of 9:30 PM. Bongos and
    folks carried on and didnt bother me. Taking anything like a man is not a problem. Dishing it out, taking it in and digesting it all in with the sense of humor that is intended is fine. Not including an email address in a post and talking crap is suspect in my book.
    Being in the scene is not my thing. "Bring it on myself"(whatever IT is) and attendance at Jerome was in support of the charity and to see friends and make new ones. Many friends strongly encouraged my family to attend. I was cool with staying home. I hope that I met you and enjoyed the conversation. If you ever need help with the Superbeetle or wish to be friendly then drop me a line. GTO's are on my fave list as well. A 70 vert would do for me.
    Anyone who wants to be nasty, pick fights or generally prefers to be a dick will never get my help or respect.\
    Yes, once again, you folks dont know me if you have to ask if I have a "bus". This is all for fun anyhow. I own, use and work on VWs on my own terms in my own time. Good luck with the SuperBeetle and the front end shimmy.
    09/17/02 superbeetle Yes Jim, I have begun to find out about the general bulls#it, jealousy, and whatever else about the clubs, and it is a true shame as I am new into the VW scene..(quite a change from the muscle car scene) I do not mean to "dis" on anyone or yourself or any clubs or any shows, I just can't understand why everyone has to have hard feelings about/against each other or other clubs. It is very sad that the clubs are so competetive against each other and have to constantly fight about stupid crap, along with the general people that attend. I guess I should stick with my '64 GTO and continue to take it to the american car shows I am used to, as they are just about the same...well maybe better when it comes to hospitality. Thanks for your "words" Jim, I am trying not to take it too seriously as I am getting into the same situation as you...i.e.-baby on way, a/c t-stat still broken and the yard is a mess. Hopefully my baby doesn't cry as loud as yours, or else I will have to camp away from everyone 'cause I don't snore loud enough to cover it up! Take care
    09/17/02   jim, you said " If you are trying to be in the VW scene then you better get used to unfounded gossip, jealousy, back biting and general bullsh*t."
    well jim- there is an alternative!!! dont be a part of "the scene". drive your bus (or do you have one anymore?), enjoy yourself and quit all the bitching. you chose to go camp there, although it apparently has quite a bad reputation. not saying that everyone else is right...but you brought it on yourself so take it like a fucking man.
    you wont see me at any of that shit, i drive mine every day and can't be bothered to deal with hippie weirdos.
    09/17/02 Jim Ellis Ha! Baby crying all night? Well hey, everyone deserves to RAVE and RAGE as they see fit, RIGHT?
    I'll bet that my loud assed snoring was louder than that. A new VW? Naw, thanks for the words but it's a '97
    Just about the same as the speed that I drove home in air conditioned comfort while my tired baby slept. He must have been tired from crying all night long.
    If you were a few buses "down" from me then you must have certainly come by and introduced yourself and shared an O'Doul's Amber with me. Glad to have met you. Thanks for attending and participating.
    Dissing the Prescott show? Haven't been in a year or two. Boycotting? I havent boycotted anything since Ceaser Chavez was pooping on lechuga. If you are trying to be in the VW scene then you better get used to unfounded gossip, jealousy, back biting and general bullsh*t.
    I advise you to not take anything serious when it comes to VW gossip and anything on the internet.
    Trust me, live with two kids constantly crying like a 24/7 cat fight, car alarm and bad bearing in the swampcooler~ you'd eventually mellow out too. Take a clue. I wore earplugs all night at Jerome so I slept- better- than I usually do.
    Thanks for playing. =)
    09/16/02 superbeetle "Guests do not dis-respect their hosts", nice choice of words for a member/supporter of the ABC club, a club/host that DOES dis-respect their members/guests. I was a proud ABC member until the Prescott show and shine event this past year. I know this is not a ABC show, but I was proud at that show to wear my ABC Club T-shirt like normal, until I was promptly notified that ABC "boy-cotted" the show! Now tell me, how would YOU feel if your club "dis-respected"
    you like that?
    09/16/02 You showed up in a new VW Mr. Jim Ellis Before you cast stones on anyone you should think of rolling a big one on that new white VW VAN of yours that you brought to Jerome 12. And for the noise, I was a few BUSSES (a real one) down from you and all I could hear was that new baby of yours crying all nite. So why dont you take your babys binky and cram it in your mouth!
    09/16/02 All dry and tan from Jerome 12!! Well folks.. Jerome Was a BLAST !!! 248 Bus in total, so i don't think it would had mattered rain or shine aslong as there was a bus to win. The Tie Dyed Event Shirts Rocked this year.. they were supplied by Scott Willman (owner of Tangerine Dreams - Now Known As The HOTWHEELS Bus). And VW TRENDS were there to take pictures and of course the 66 Single Cab was sweet.. To Bad I didnt Win It :(
    09/14/02 Spengdog And another 20 Japanese tourists get whupped by the shorebreak at Croyde!
    09/13/02 Dando Fredo Yes, Dando agrees. Last year was Dandos' last Jerome........No more will Dando deal with all the disrespect. Dando is sure it once was a nice event, but now seems to be a rave for kids who can't afford club clothing. Sorry ABC but Dando can no longer contribute to your cause. Maybe if the event returns to that which it was intended for, Dando will return.
    09/12/02 Sid Vicious Jims right. All stink-foot, dirt loving, dope smoking hippies should jump off a bloody cliff.
    09/12/02   FUCK THIS>>>
    09/12/02 Jim Ellis No excuses for lameness- past a point...
    Self-centered partying, total disrespect for adjacent campers and fellow/sister guests and the rules of the event: disrespect for the promoters and the property owner is totally uncalled for.
    Basic maturity and self control is called for. Yeah, of course, hopefully everyone will have fun and enjoy themselves. ALL night partying, including potsmoking, mushroom eating, snorting crank, drinking and endlessly bumming cigarettes while yelling at the top of your lungs is not RAVING/RAGING or whatever fluffy bullshit name that you hang on it. It is rude to the point wherein someone ougtha kick your ass and through you out of the event in the back seat of Jerome's finest Andy Griffith-mobile.
    If you are planning on attending an event that is promoted by a club that bills it's self as family oriented then you ought to know when to be cool. Having fun until about 10 PM and then quieting thereafter if you choose to stay awake is fine. Learn to be cool. Especially around obvious amounts of small children and more impressionable pre-teenagers. Just saying that you are "cool" doesnt mean that you are cool. If you are an ignorant rude douche' bag- stay home and stay away from me and mine. This is and always has been a money raising charity event with funds going to a worthy cause. It also so happens to be an event at which friends and family members get together to see one another.
    If you have no desire to participate to the common cause and are going to be a pain in everyone's ass then we dont want you there. Otherwise, only speaking for myself- not as the ABC, we embrace you, welcome you, look forward to seeing you and hope that you have a good time- as a guest of the club. Guests dont dont disrespect their hosts.
    Yes birds of a feather stick together- but they dont deficate all over each other... -Ellis\
    09/12/02   ruber johny...that some funny shit. Everyone need to have respect for others but there should be a scene for people to rage and a scene for people to sleep. birds of a feather should flock together....excuse the lameness!

    See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Working Buses   Other pix from Pastor Chris Shaffer
    Pastor's can love Volkswagon's too! Pastor's can love Volkswagon's too!
    Pastor Chris Shaffer
    Recovery works for people too!
    This has been one of my favorite buses. It's a great ministry tool.
     2002-09-08 (30.63k)
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    10/28/02 Altar Boy No father, I don't want to see the inside of your bus!
    10/27/02 T. Jefferson I do declare that from this day forth there shall be a seperation of Chuch and Bus
    09/13/02 busdork what do sobriety and vws have in common??????
    09/11/02 WILLIAM G WALTON 3RD terrific bus, Chris. i have been sober by the Grace of God and thru the fellowship of AA since 1994; whenever i see an A/C VW bug or bus i consider it a good omen, because it always brings joy to my heart

    See Also: Barndoors  Deluxes   Other pix from Rikki James
    1952 deluxe 1952 deluxe
    Rikki James
    You'd smile if you had a 52 deluxe!
     2002-09-05 (53.9k)
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Deluxes   Other pix from Tim Smith
    My newly acquired 67 My newly acquired 67
    Tim Smith
    With the help of Carl Vallee this Bus will be looking sweet and cruising the Streets of Anchorage, Alaska next Summer...
     2002-09-05 (75.9k)
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    11/30/02 Tim There are 2 good VW shops in town, Estey's and Johnson's vw Repair....
    10/03/02 this summer i aquired a 1975 vw van. its in pretty good shape. i want to restore it and am looking for parts/mechanics/know-how/ideas. am in anchorage, too. have anything to share?

    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Deluxes   Other pix from Tim Smith
    My newly acquired 67 My newly acquired 67
    Tim Smith
    This Bus is in really good shape for the money I paid.....
     2002-09-05 (77.5k)
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Deluxes   Other pix from Tim Smith
    Me and my 67 Me and my 67
    Tim Smith
    I picked up this 67 in Wasilla,Alaska for $1500.00 and it came with a 65 Standard Bus for parts...
     2002-09-05 (87.82k)
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    11/05/02 Tim Thanks Guys!and as for you Atlas. Alaska is one of the 50 States but everything is shipped air freight here....Wake Up!
    09/24/02 superbus Man what a score in Alaska!! Good deal for you Tim, hope to see pic's later on through the resto-process. Good luck!
    09/24/02 Jesus Atlas, I think we all knew what he meant. Can the (penis expletive) on your head be verified?
    nice catch Tim!
    09/23/02 Atlas (get one) Last time I checked Alaska was still part of the United States. But I've also heard they have some Island out in the Ocean. Can this be verified?
    09/16/02 Tim yep, ecspecially since I am in Alaska and have to order everything from the states and shipping is exspensive as hell!!!
    09/13/02   1500 bucks, that will be peanuts by the time you have finished
    09/12/02 Tim LOL...looks like I'm standing next to something I killed on a Hunt, huh!
    09/11/02 Conrad Remind me never to stand like that next to my bus. Maybe it was the ride down that gravel road rutted by logging trucks? ;-) Congrats on the excellent find!

    Bonanza of Bus Pix Bonanza of Bus Pix

     2002-08-28 (35.69k)
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    Bonanza of Bus Pix Bonanza of Bus Pix

     2002-08-28 (31.88k)
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    Bonanza of Bus Pix Bonanza of Bus Pix

     2002-08-28 (87.14k)
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    08/28/02 tbonz the very first medical mary-jay-wanna perscription
    written in California! Check out the pharmacy the dude has on his hat!
    Thats not photo "red eyes" that your seening...BUSTED!
    08/28/02   OH MY GOD! What is that?

    See Also: VW Shows  
    Bonanza of Bus Pix Bonanza of Bus Pix

     2002-08-28 (38.41k)
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    Bonanza of Bus Pix Bonanza of Bus Pix

     2002-08-28 (24.93k)
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     2002-08-25 (47.16k)
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    07/12/05 Greg This is my all time favorite!

    See Also: Hall of Shame  Rare Buses and Parts  Customized Buses  Working Buses  Various Parts Pictures  Other Campers   Other pix from adam hardulak
    adam hardulak
     2002-08-21 (244.72k)
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    See Also: VW Shows  Deluxes   Other pix from James Alton

    James Alton
    A couple weeks ago, I took my 911 to the car shows associated with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. While in an endless line waiting for a parade of Porsches (more of a traffic jam of Porsches) I happened to talk to the owner of a 2002 Turbo. The main topic was his car's Porsche Exclusive interior. He was talking about how he had to go to the Porsche Factory to select the interior--I took his meaning to be more that he was annoyed that the dealer couldn't handle the order rather than he was so proud of having made the trip. He was quite proud of his matching marine blue leather key case--you just cannot get those in the US! Anyway, somewhere along the line he mentioned that the day before, he brought his green and white 23 Window VW Bus! I had seen it on the VW side but he left before I could get a photo. It was indeed a very nice bus, and very original save for a DIN radio under the dash. Here's a photo of me and my bus, as well as one of my 911 lined up before the parade. You might make out the corner of the white Turbo behind the red 928 behind my car.
     2002-08-17 (54.63k)
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    11/04/02 Kyle Hey, I am being GIVEN a 21-window bus. Its needs restored of course. And i want to learn EVERYTHING about them. Any info or sites i can go to? email me if you can..Thanks peace!!
    11/04/02 Kyle Hey, I have come across a 1969 ( i think ) 21-window. This lady is GIVING it to me...ITs in a junk yard on blocks...but never the less. So im wondering if anyone can give me some info or a site where i can find any info on 21-window buses. Im trying to learn ALL that i can about them. Thanks a lot! peace! Kyle
    p.s. If you can e-mail me the info
    10/04/02 James Alton THE BUS IS SOLD !!!!!
    09/24/02 Johnny Ignant I give you $1150 for it. 15 windowz r soohh cool. Did you say it was a 69?
    09/23/02   I see a mark on the door How's $1200. Cash of course
    09/23/02 James Alton E-mail me at to work out the details................
    Only if you are SERIOUS!! I'm firm on the $1500. price and will not haggle!
    09/23/02 Betty Randolf Is this bus still for sale for $1500? Please e-mail me, or where can I e-mail you? Thanks!
    09/23/02 Alexk You people are morons if you think you could buy a pristine deluxe for $1500. Get a life. Somebody is pulling your leg.
    09/23/02 truckersmike $1500.00! Hell I'll buy that 21 window for that!
    09/23/02 dan molinelli still for sale? where are you located?

    09/23/02 James Alton As a matter of fact it is for sale. Asking 1500.00
    09/22/02 Max Castillo you probably arent selling your bus. But what would you expect me to pay for one similar to yours?
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