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    See Also: Scenic Route   Other pix from nick aragon
    nick aragon
    just picked up the rear from dominik at the old volks show in hayward! cant wait to get these beasts on the 58! i "pity the fool" who trys to rear end me now!
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    See Also: Scenic Route   Other pix from nick aragon
    4th of july  camping! 4th of july camping!
    nick aragon

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    Other pix from Pierre


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    11/26/04 erikka I think its hilarious!
    03/12/04 chris ya, you're an odd one... plus you SUCK at photoshop or whatever program you used...
    09/09/03 Glen Were you perhaps beaten up by Majorettes as a child? Just wondering.
    09/02/03 scott Yea and if not stupid, really creepy. Plus all these chicks have cancles
    07/02/03 thom Ok, these are getting kinda stupid.

    See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Dwaine


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    "Popj黱ger" auf einem VW - "Samba" - Bus 2. British Rock Meeting 1972 auf der Insel Gr?n bei Germersheim
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    See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)   Other pix from Kelli
    Me and my bus Me and my bus Me and my bus

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    12/29/03 Steve Here is another lovely pic of Kelli...
    08/24/03 Ryan u guys are either being very polite or u havent seen the other pictures of her. suffice to say u can get to know most of her without ever meeting her!
    08/23/03 Are-Oh-Bee I will be the first to say some of the comments were kreepy but here I am thinking "She looks this good... and she likes busses? Nawww!" If you are ever in Cali (L.A. area) You can't stay at my place (I don't get down like that) But you are more than welcome to hang out and I will show you the best time california has to offer. And if your real cool, i'm sure we can find you a good nights sleep. (
    08/23/03 Are-Oh-Bee ( -.-
    08/19/03 josh Hi Kelli: you have a nice bus good to see a woman who enjoys type 2's + camping. If you ever pass through e. bridgewater, massachussetts , and need to set-up camp e-mail me , or if you need a part as well. I'm a happy married man , [though you are quite a pretty girl.] So my offer is just a friendly one. good luck with your bus , remember vw's love attention. , josh
    08/12/03 Todd Love to see people who care about their Bus. If you need any restoration parts for your baby, just let me know. I'm with Rocky Mountain Motorworks in Colorado. Just find us on the web or give me a call. Be glad to help you out on any restoration parts you still need. P.S.- ignore all of the other rhetoric. Colorado is THE place to visit! You just missed our car shows last weekend, but there is always next year.
    08/16/03 pete Gorgeous!, the campers pretty nice as well. got anymore photos?
    08/05/03 drew anymore pics?
    08/01/03 mike Hey kelli! Whats the farthest you have traveled in your westy? do you plan on heading out to Cali sometime? Nothing like a beautiful woman and a VW.
    07/26/03 Syafril Nusyirwan Hi Kelli, let me know you deeply. Please come to enjoy my beautiful country, Indonesia in south east Asia. I love my VW'78 bus.
    07/25/03 Jay Hi Kelli, if your ever in arizona you can sleep with me in my bed. I will give you everything I own and wax your bus for you!! I have internet access. love Jay
    07/14/03 bobby Most hot chicks like you would just roll they're eyes right out of they're heads at an old VW Bus,
    This is why I dont go near most hot chicks.
    I love your Bus & i'm sure you'll love my 67 Bus splitty. Lets get it on!
    07/10/03 Scott Kelli,
    You and your bus are magnificent! If you ever pass thru the North Carolina and need a place to crash, you are more than welcome to use the guest room...Shower and internet access are also available. - Scott
    07/11/03 Scott Kelli,
    Nice looking bus! I would also like to add that you are quite a looker yourself. If you are ever in North Carolina and need a place to crash for a night or two, I have a guest room you can use or you can camp on my land and use my shower and internet access if need be...keep on bussing!
    07/09/03 Dustin Keep the bus! and move to FL! were getting married!!!!!!!!!!
    07/06/03 niall crawford Kelli can i just say both you and your bus look beautiful. If your ever in Ireland, you have a friend.

    See Also: Barndoors  Deluxes   Other pix from Rikki James

    Rikki James
    My Japanese Buddies in Bad Camberg
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    See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Robert Milan

    Robert Milan
    1966 Deluxe 21 window. Recently restored and modified to include frig, sink, shower, sleep seat, new 1600 bored out to 2071 cc, dual webbers, etc. Goes uphill at 60mph. Wow!! Nothing but fun along the Central Cal Coast.
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    See Also: Other Campers   Other pix from Taylor Nelson
    Camper Bus Self Portrait Camper Bus Self Portrait
    Taylor Nelson
    1967 Riviera Camper
    Was working on my camper today and found a neat way to do a self portrait using the mirror mounted to my closet door.
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    See Also: Customized Buses  Various Parts Pictures  Other Campers   Other pix from Benjamin Miguras
    some pictures of our camper some pictures of our camper some pictures of our camper some pictures of our camper
    Benjamin Miguras
    Here is our camper that we have recently lowered at the front. I seek your advice on lowering the rear of our camper. as you can see, the front has already been done, it is so low that our number plate came off on a test run! we want to lower the rear slightly to get rid of the huge slant we have at the moment but without removing the reduction boxes and fitting IRS we also want the rear wheels to tuck into the arches so that it will be lowered also we have much wider front and rear wheels which have been modified. does anyone know of any simple cambering kits or any tricks that would help us?
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    Other pix from Pierre


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    See Also: Scenic Route   Other pix from nick aragon
    OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03' OCTO 03'
    nick aragon
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    See Also: Scenic Route   Other pix from nick aragon
    03' classic trip! 03' classic trip! 03' classic trip! 03' classic trip! 03' classic trip!
    nick aragon
    just got into the HYATT..long trip down I-5 from nor cal, and what i love about so-cal the most....the traffic!
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    See Also: Logo'd Buses  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Rare Buses and Parts  Customized Buses  Sightings  Panels   Other pix from peach
    adverse rat (low res images) adverse rat (low res images)
    adverse rat (low res images)
    Smaller size images...
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Standards   Other pix from Bob Redman

    Bob Redman
    My first VW bus took possesion of me on May 9th, 2003. These are pictures I took the other night while staying up until 5 in the morning rebuilding the front wheel cylinders and pulling the interior out of the front of it in preparation for fixing the rust. Wish me luck. This is my first restore. I am so excited.
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