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Pix of various period VW literature and VW-related printings.
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    See Also: VW Shows  Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Logo'd Buses  Your Shop  Various Parts Pictures  Other Campers   Other pix from Alex Dundee
    VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff
    VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff
    VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff VW Calendars from Dubz upt Norff
    Alex Dundee
    VW Calendars 2011
    Here is the 2011 VW Calendar from Dubz upt Norff. just go to the website to buy one. They are 5.00 each, buy more then one, the are cheaper!
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Various Parts Pictures  Other Campers   Other pix from Quentin Lau
    Rock and roll seat bed Rock and roll seat bed Rock and roll seat bed
    Quentin Lau
    Rock and roll seat bed
    My custom rock n roll seat bed as build in my 1964 Combi. See for the full article with detailed photos!
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  VW Shows  Stand By Your Van  Barndoors  Hall of Shame  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Toys & Collectibles  Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Scenic Route  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Logo'd Buses  Your Shop  Various Parts Pictures  Kombis   Other pix from Undang A.S

    Undang A.S

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    09/02/10 deepa Good. Keep it up. From

    See Also: VW Shows  Stand By Your Van  Hall of Shame  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Scenic Route  Your Shop  Other Campers   Other pix from Alex Dundee
    2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar
    2010 VW Calendar
    2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar 2010 VW Calendar
    Alex Dundee
    The 2010 VW Calendar from Dubz upt Norff is for sale, Click on the Dubz upt Norff link. ;)
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    See Also: VW Shows  Projects & Restoration  Accessories  Various Parts Pictures  Kombis   Other pix from Quentin Lau
    Split screen bus resto pages Split screen bus resto pages Split screen bus resto pages Split screen bus resto pages Split screen bus resto pages Split screen bus resto pages
    Quentin Lau
    Check out our restoration pages at: with detailed descriptions and pictures. Lot's of tips & tricks, both in English and Dutch!
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    See Also: Special Interest   Other pix from Thom
    Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review
    Clymer Review
    Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review

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    See Also: Special Interest   Other pix from Thom
    Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review Clymer Review

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    See Also: Special Interest   Other pix from Thom


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    See Also: Special Interest   Other pix from Thom


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    See Also: Other Campers   Other pix from janset

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    See Also: Other Campers   Other pix from janset

    a very beautiful one
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Accessories  Other Campers   Other pix from Craig
    What kind of camper is this?? What kind of camper is this?? What kind of camper is this?? What kind of camper is this?? What kind of camper is this??
    What kind of camper is this??
    What kind of camper is this?? What kind of camper is this?? What kind of camper is this??
    I have been searching the web far and wide trying to figure out what kind of camper conversion I have inside my bus but I am not having any luck. Does anyone know?
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    02/27/08 Ed Hill Your bus is not a Riviera. My guess is that it either a Sundial or an EZ Camper. EZ Campers had a metal plate bolted to the right front "fender" just behind the wheel. I guess yours does not have one or you would not be asking about what kind of bus it is. The style of paneling and the copy of the basic Westy design are what make me think this is an EZ or Sundial. Riviera also copied the Westy but used a different kind of paneling and some very distinctive style points yours is missing. EH
    06/26/07 mkrakowiak It looks like the conversion kit that was in my bus. My bus is an early 64 and was shipped to Spokane, WA. I believe that mine is possibly a Riviera or Camp CO. ( or something like that) I have heard that the Riviera VW dealership group used a variety of companies to do conversions for them. I was talking to someone at a show once and he mentioned to me that it really didn't matter what I had (since I've re-modeled my van myself) the only thing that matters is that it is you van and you're keeping it on the road and keeping it real.

    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Stand By Your Van  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Special Interest   Other pix from Ricky

    This is a "Walmart Puerto Rico" shopper I receive yesterday in the newspaper. I know it will be difficult to see but there is a Vintage VW Bus in the pictures, somewhere behind the models. After a couple of minutes you will find it. Its always good to see they are using these buses for ad campaigns.
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    Other pix from Josh
    Welding Manual

    PDF format manual
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    See Also: Emergency Vehicles   Other pix from Thom
    1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure
    1958 Ambulance Brochure
    1958 Ambulance Brochure

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