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Pix of emergency vehicles, ie fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, etc

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Bus Promos Bus Promos Bus Promos
Adams Kamelamela
Cursor (Wiking) promos,ambulance and police with box.
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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Kemny Csaba

Kemny Csaba
G'day Guys! Here I send some new pics from the '55er panelvan after restoration. Based on the documentation which was collected from Germany over the yers the car was owned by the ARWA Hosiery Company in Gaildorf, Baden-Wrttenberg province. In 1988 the car was sent to Hungary as a gift (donation) for the local Fire Brigade at Budajen (mother village). The was invited to celebrate the 150th anivarsary of the The car's current condition is a result of a hard work of my brother. Many thanks to: - Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gaildor - George Gombos - Gabor Bitt - Pter Sos (mechanicer) - Mr. Cicsa (Mr. Airbrush) - Tams Jvor
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Other pix from Preston
Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja
Smokey the police baja
Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja Smokey the police baja
this is my 1968 baja bug Smokey, he's fully equipped with LED red and blue lights, front, sides, and rear, as well as a red beacon on top (mainly for show) and a 150watt Maricopa County Sheriffs siren.
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05/06/14 Josiah Marton This thing is exactly what I want to make! Baja Interceptor! Rad!! How much do you thing you've put into it? Thanks

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65 deluxe 13 window from virgina
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Arto Korpela

Arto Korpela

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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)   Other pix from handarko harsono
T-27 original T-27 original T-27 original T-27 original T-27 original
T-27 original
T-27 original
handarko harsono
i am still looking for the red cross lamp above the cabin then my 72 ambu will be more nice looking
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Other pix from Thom
1959 ambulance 1959 ambulance 1959 ambulance 1959 ambulance 1959 ambulance 1959 ambulance

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See Also: Hall of Shame   Other pix from Thom
Exploding tire Exploding tire Exploding tire

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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Jim Donovan
1965 Fire Bus 1965 Fire Bus 1965 Fire Bus 1965 Fire Bus 1965 Fire Bus 1965 Fire Bus
Jim Donovan

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Other pix from Thom
Stretchers and attendant's char Stretchers and attendant's char Stretchers and attendant's char Stretchers and attendant's char

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See Also: Literature   Other pix from Thom
1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure 1958 Ambulance Brochure
1958 Ambulance Brochure
1958 Ambulance Brochure

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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts   Other pix from Thom
Califiornia YOM 'Exempt' plates California YOM 'Exempt' plates
Found a deal I couldn't pass up on a set of NOS exempt plates; don't know yet if DMV will let me get away with this.
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08/15/13 Cody I doubt the DMV will clear them unless you're with a California government agency. Will you consider selling the plate to a collector?

Other pix from Thom
Ambulance pix from factory parts list Ambulance pix from factory parts list Ambulance pix from factory parts list Ambulance pix from factory parts list

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Other pix from Thom
Ambulance minutiae Ambulance minutiae Ambulance minutiae Ambulance minutiae Ambulance minutiae Ambulance minutiae

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