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    See Also: 61 Double Cab Resto   Other pix from Thom
    Hoop! There it is! Hoop! There it is! Hoop! There it is! Hoop! There it is!
    After much (too much!) effort, I finally got the hoops, slats, and canvas installed.
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    04/15/13 monica I'd love to have it, but I can not afford to buy it. Thanks for share, i love it. I often entertained on
    07/24/12 sdee Amazing the visit was worth
    07/14/12 deepa classic
    01/31/12 Lee Irby Great job! All VW microbus lovers should check out my novel, THE VAN. It's about the life and times of a 1964 Type II as it cruises through history. Here's the link:
    10/04/03 Spengdog Decided on colour yet Thom? Yeller like the panel? They'd look sweet together on the driveway!

    See Also: Projects & Restoration   Other pix from fischer david
     work in inproving  work in inproving work in inproving
    fischer david
    body work
    some work on the body, some small welding on the side... and replaced the late model tail light by the original one's
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    See Also: 61 Double Cab Resto   Other pix from Thom
    Hoops installed Hoops installed

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    See Also: 61 Double Cab Resto   Other pix from Thom
    My fix for the hoop My fix for the hoop
    I 'relieved' the offending rib in the bed
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    See Also: 61 Double Cab Resto   Other pix from Thom
    Hoops Hoops Hoops Hoops Hoops
    I took a crappy front hoop and turned it into a mediocre rear one by welding on a new lower bracket. The bracket was fabbed from a piece of angle iron.
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    See Also: 61 Double Cab Resto   Other pix from Thom
    Hoops Hoops Hoops Hoops
    For some reason, the lower front hoop bolt doesn't line up.
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  61 Double Cab Resto  
    Straightening the Bed

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    09/11/03 Brian H WOW!!! Excellent, I never cease to be impressed with good old backyard wrenching wisdom.
    Keep it goin.

    See Also: 61 Double Cab Resto  Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Thom
    test test test test test Straightening the Bed

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    See Also: Scenic Route  Projects & Restoration   Other pix from Herbert Fuentes
    67 crew cab 67 crew cab
    Herbert Fuentes
    This is my project. A 1967 crew cab. This picture was taken near Guatemala's airport and this hard work mule is carrying 900 kg of cargo. This year will go to resto. His "reborn". THis is a bad picture, but a digital will arrive soon.
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    Other pix from Herbert Fuentes
    Crew cab 67 Crew cab 67
    Herbert Fuentes
    My project with 900 kg of cargo, near of Guatemala's airport. 1600 cc. This year will be the new re-born for this old working mule. This is a bad picture, but a digital will arrive soon.
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    See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Customized Buses   Other pix from Nick Hills

    Nick Hills
    This is a very tidy, awesome looking double cab.One of the best!! Done by a friend of mine, micky at Mayhem Motors. Brilliant looks gorgeous, worth all the effort.
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    See Also: VW Shows   Other pix from rob lancasert
    vwnut is for sale vwnut is for sale
    rob lancasert
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    07/01/03 Christopher Ling Hi!Thom,I was wondering if your double cab was still for sale?I would like to get more information please.Thank you chris
    06/26/03 Christopher Ling I was wondering if your crewcab was still for sale? Could I get more information please? Thank You, Chris
    06/11/03 Christopher Ling Hi! I was interested in your doublecab. Is it still for sale? Please send me more information.

    Thank you,

    Other pix from Friedel Hockmann
    Who knows this bus? Who knows this bus?
    Friedel Hockmann
    Who knows this Double Cab? Who knows storys abaut it ? Please send it all!
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    03/03/07 friedel hockmann hallo thom mein amerikanisch ist sher schlecht und ich habe doch probleme beim berzetzen bitte trotzdem alles schicken gruss friedel

    See Also: Customized Buses   Other pix from lenny ruttenberg
    61 crew slammed! 61 crew slammed! 61 crew slammed! 61 crew slammed! 61 crew slammed! 61 crew slammed!
    lenny ruttenberg
    this is how a vintage crew cab should look! lowered with a big motor
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    03/26/03 Christopher Ling HI! My name is Chris and I was wondering if you were selling your doublecab or knew of anyone esle selling one?I'm very interested in owning a doublecab.Please return information if you know.Thank You
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