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Mikki Piirlaid
Nz Barndoor stash
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See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Mikki Piirlaid

Mikki Piirlaid
Nz Barndoor stash
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Recent condition of my former '53. Recent condition of my former '53. Recent condition of my former '53. Recent condition of my former '53. Recent condition of my former '53.
Adams Kamelamela
That's "Traumer",my old '53,15 years after reselling to the previous owner,stripped of the white over gray,and awaiting her turn for rebirth. Oahu,2011.
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'53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =( '53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =( '53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =( '53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =( '53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =(
'53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =(
'53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =( '53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her.  =( '53 Standard Microbus-wish I still had her. =(
Adams Kamelamela
Pics of my '53 I owned from 1990-96. Had time and money to do a thorough restoration,and later did some deconstruction. Got married and the project stalled for the remaining years,eventually resulting with no time or money to complete the restoration. As promised,the Bus was sold back to its previous owner,which after 15 years,is a shell on the rotisserie,awaiting its turn for attention. In retrospect I had my dream vehicle,and I so wish I didn't let her go. My biggest regret fo'sho'!!!
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a vendre, me contacter.... barndoor 54 samba
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03/02/11 deepa The visit was useful. Content was really very informative. From

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jose yury marin
barndoor model 52
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03/05/11 busjunkie Want to sell? email me on address above if so.

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finally on the road finally on the road finally on the road finally on the road finally on the road
Kurt Baker

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Undang A.S

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09/02/10 deepa Good. Keep it up. From

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Arq. Miguel Alcazar
Hola Seores! Club DerKastenwagen and Green Bean Baja in the Club Mexican Volks Expo. Check some pictues of the event on my page, tanks for visiting. Mis amigos del Club Der Kastenwagen y Green Bean Baja hicimos presencia. En una excelente Exhibicin de VWs, que el Club Mexican Volks, de Tijuana B.C. Organizo el da 2 de Agosto, celebrando su 11avo. Aniversario, la ubicacin fue, en el Km. 36 Carr. Libre Ensenada, donde el Restaurante el Jefe nos dio la bienvenida.
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Louis Green
My '62 Kombi
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See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Leonard Diergaardt
My pride and joy My pride and joy My pride and joy My pride and joy
Leonard Diergaardt
After 12 gruelling months and numerous part hunts all over southern Africa.
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03/09/10 Martijn I found your pictures on the net and love what you did to the car. I'm a volunteer in Rundu from Holland and about to buy an old 1962 VW Split (15-window). In 5 months time I want to restore it and drive back to Europa. Do you have some tips or can we get in touch???

Other pix from George Moering
What year Barndoor?  '52 or '53? What year Barndoor? '52 or '53?
George Moering
This is an old family picture. My father bought this bus from a customer, used, in the early 50's in Los Angeles. I've compared the photo to others on this site and can see an antenna, and rubber bumper molding. It was red and black, but my dad painted the roof white as it was too hot inside. Any help in identifying the year?
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11/09/08 garcet daniel alo,
it must be a'52 than it has upward mirrors and the doortopvents are pianohinge type.
grtz to all.
11/09/08 garcet daniel alo,it must be a'52 ,the mirrors are upwards and the doortopvents are pianohinge.
grtz to all.

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barndoor 54 samba de luxe
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09/18/08 donner hi i want to know if this car is still on sale? where do you have it? how much is it? nice car very interesting!

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Gabor Bitto

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bloodbus bloodbus bloodbus bloodbus bloodbus bloodbus
bobby hisler
i change the paint job every years or 2 just to keep it interesting while i do the body work little by little. the last spot i gott do it is the rocker/and floor section under the barn doors, needs bottom sections of door replaced also. Should be done in the up coming year then maybe I'll think about a real paint job
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06/30/08 garcet daniel hello, a little correction, the referation to the" barndoor "is the engine lid and not the side doors.
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