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Other pix from Rikki James
Sub-20 bus Sub-20 bus
Rikki James

 2002-10-17 (254.94k)
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11/19/02 Sweetbus Ill be there soon in my 65 standard with a 2110!!!!
10/18/02 Andy Easy my son.I'll be in there as soon as the 54
gets rolling.Bug Jam 2003 roll on!
10/18/02 Rikki James Yes, it's coming! BWA (buses with attitude) is a club that is
being put together for Split screen vans that
can run the strip in under 20 seconds.
C ya........Rikki.

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Rob Laffoon
Even Jesus drove a splt
He wouldn't be caught dead in a fat chick
 2002-10-17 (17.17k)
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10/27/02 65 singlecab Hey now,all hippies arnt bad , just the loser wanna be hippies you see at most vws shows, you know the ones , that expect a hand out, and a free ride from everyone else to further their "groovy ride". you can also spot them by the over use of the word groovy ,as if they are trying to prove that they are a hippie as if the drug revolution is still happining. these losers give the OG hippies a bad name and rep. I know lots of OG hippies(friends parents) who bust their asses , work 50 hr weeks to pay their own bills. mabey the kids who want to be like their parents generation should take notice to that.
I hate the "lazy bum" steriotype against me because i have long hair and drive a bus. AND NO I DONT HAVE POT TO SELL YOU!!!!!!!!
10/18/02 brandon hippies need to be punched in the face.
10/18/02   Jerry Garcia - the biggest commerical hippie ever - took home more than all y'alls put together. He only photo-op'd in a bus - his real ride was a BMW. In terms of gross receipts, he's second only to the jesus dude, but jesus gets his loot tax-free what with his involvement in the government and all.
10/17/02 Hippie I also pull down a grand a year recycling aluminum cans.
10/17/02 Andrew All hail's new millionaire!
10/17/02   And your net last year? (you know, the money you keep after taxes and expenses.)
10/17/02 hippie I sell bongs at vw shows
10/17/02   Oh Yeah, let's here this big lie.
What do you do for a living and how much do you make?
10/17/02 Hippie Hey I am a hippie, and I have a job, and probably make more in one year then you will ever make in your entire life!! So don't assume all hippies are job-less. PEACE!!
10/17/02   Which just goes to prove he was just another useless, no-job havin', stink-foot hippy!

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Now thats just right!!!! Now thats just right!!!!

Now those new 20 inch wheel and tires will finally fit!!!!!
 2002-10-16 (62.27k)
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10/19/02   Man a nos qtr panel with flat wheel well lip sure would be nice, I have a million dollars, does any one have one in the world for sale?

Other pix from Greg
another Oddrod Bus image another Oddrod Bus image
Lucky You, another pix...
 2002-10-11 (74.18k)
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Other pix from Greg
Oddrod Oddrod

 2002-10-11 (27.84k)
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See Also: Barndoors  Panels   Other pix from Rikki James

Rikki James

 2002-10-11 (75.45k)
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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Other Campers   Other pix from Rikki James

Rikki James

 2002-10-11 (127.42k)
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08/13/03 Biggyskates POSITIVE COMMENT:

I really like the floor...good idea. Is this the same bus as posted above with number plate?

I'm into the number plate look these past couple years. Anyway probably can't link to my site so you can see...the Bus Playpen
10/29/02 Rikki James Yea, she was!
10/20/02 Tony I dont know if its the lense but she looks a bit fat to me.
10/20/02 cornish dragon She's lovely and that cheeky smile what can I say ? Its sad that so many americans have had their sense of taste removed probably surgically or from eating too much mac s**t !
She's very welcome in my Happy Van anytime ;-)
Love and kisses
10/17/02   I want her, she must be mine!
10/16/02 Jules Hi Rikki. guess the imigrants do not not realize an English Rose can have her photograph taken for posterity, not just for lewd Yankee fantasies.
10/15/02 Rikki James What are you lot like!!
10/14/02   im gonna roger u mam u r all benders
10/12/02   You dumb mug, get your mitts off the marbles before I stuff that
mud-pipe down your mush - and tell your moll to hand over the mazuma
10/12/02 Ian Surely you are barmy man. This las is beastly, and she's arse over tits. You'd have to be bladdered to bonk her.
10/12/02 simon ide like to give her a good rogering, dont tell her i have teeth like yellow chicklets and maybe she will shag me! teehee
10/12/02   Cheery O Ol chap
10/12/02 nigel i printed that out to use for a tug target! thanks mate!
10/12/02 Buffalo Bill It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
10/12/02 kaely sounds really good! I'd LOVE to get to know you better, if you get my
meaning. ;)
P.S. I'm a man.
10/12/02 Clifford Rikki, How did you get a girl in your bus? I seen pictures of you my man and you ain't pretty. What kind of bait do you use? And what do you do when your done with them?

See Also: Panels   Other pix from VILAIN FABRICE
pannel bus coca-cola from belgium
 2002-10-10 (75.48k)
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10/10/02   god save belgium!

See Also: Panels   Other pix from VILAIN FABRICE
pannel bus coca-cola from belgium
 2002-10-10 (75.48k)
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See Also: Emergency Vehicles   Other pix from Wolfgang

My Homepage
3D rendered image of an emergency bus
 2002-10-10 (19.5k)
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See Also: Emergency Vehicles   Other pix from Wolfgang

3D rendered image of an emergency vehicle
 2002-10-10 (20.25k)
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11/07/02 Schumsky Nice model! What 3D app did you use?

See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Harry Houck
Lowered Green Deluxe Drawing Lowered Green Deluxe Drawing
Harry Houck
Something my son Charley drew using his digitizing pad and Photoshop. He might create something based on a picture, but he hasn't drawn my orange DC yet!
 2002-10-10 (41.25k)
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10/13/02 ......not charley...really. WOW. He's really talented.. being it only took him 10 minutes.. somebody should give him a job doing that ALL THE TIME!! ;)
10/11/02 david benardo That's cool. More!

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1950 Southern Coach Conversion- inside pic 1950 Southern Coach Conversion- inside pic
Chad Johnston

 2002-10-09 (213.13k)
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See Also: Scenic Route  Rare Buses and Parts  Customized Buses  Working Buses  Sightings  Other Campers   Other pix from Chad Johnston
1950 Southern Coach Conversion 1950 Southern Coach Conversion
Chad Johnston
This coach is for sale, and very reasonable. If interested please call 402-494-3641 or send email to
 2002-10-09 (190k)
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06/24/04 Bobby Well I guess that WOULD be a Vintage Bus huh? ;)

See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Special Interest   Other pix from ::tuesday::transporter::trip::

Cinnebar Artcar
 2002-10-08 (54.86k)
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