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some of mine hobbies check it out by
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Who am I? I  feel so alone. Who am I? I  feel so alone. Who am I? I feel so alone.
Tinker Ellison
Here is my 67 one owner split. Women I got it from has pic of it at Woodstock.i have gotten most of the mechinic work done and a good start on the interior I want but more on that later. Dang i really can't spell.
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My 79 baywindow camper My 79 baywindow camper My 79 baywindow camper My 79 baywindow camper
dustin c pye
Just relaxin and Mtn Bikin one evening...couldnt pass this op up.
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my yearly bus lights!! my yearly bus lights!! my yearly bus lights!!
dustin pye
Just rocking the christmas lights on my 79 baywindow westie
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aneuk badun'k aceh aneuk badun'k aceh aneuk badun'k aceh aneuk badun'k aceh
badun'k atjeh
stand by kombies
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visit my full gallery
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06/22/09 Narayan Hola, que tal? I am writing from New Mexico. I also have a bus, 64 slider, and will be taking it into Mexico in the next few months and want to restore it. Do you have any suggestions? Nice photos by the way, I checked out you flikr page.

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get your rat out
get your rat out get your rat out get your rat out
65 deluxe 13 window from virgina
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art kombi art kombi art kombi art kombi art kombi
badun'k atjeh
my kombies
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VW Bus Gasser VW Bus Gasser
Created in Lightwave v9.5 Having lots of fun with the buses
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See Also: Projects & Restoration  Deluxes   Other pix from klara miller

klara miller
Mosaic Madness Art Bus
This is a mosaic art bus done by New Orleans artist Kelly Israel. I have it listed for him on ebay right now. Auction ends July 17th
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03/03/13 Kelly Israel any way to share these photo's to f.b.?kwite b. zar
03/23/09 selva Create and improve the technology of assembly.
My goal, part of this site is to exchange experiences and technology on the manufacture of Westfalia because they are my passion and my way to work here in Brazil
here in Brazil still manufactures the vw van with sliding doors and there are many still with the door open, as well as parts and accessories. We can still achieve Westfalia. One of the models that manufacture, dismantle the inside and you can usually use the vehicle

if you're interested in technology exchange contact me by email
Rocha BR (
07/09/08 jon what do you mean wrong car? this bus is awesome!
07/09/08 jon what do you mean wrong car? this bus looks awesome!
07/07/08 sailor Cool Art!!! ...wrong Car...sad.

See Also: Logo'd Buses   Other pix from Tony

vintage travel decals for your bus
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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Scenic Route   Other pix from Arq. Miguel Alcazar
Arq. Miguel Alcazar
This is a work made in a computer program, was made by my brother in law "Tona", of my vw bus. The picture at the middle is in Erendira Baja California, Mexico. My VW bus is a "normal" split-window sundial 67, run by a (rebuid) 1600c engine, you will find it in mi pic's search in Arq. Miguel Alcazar ;)
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Other pix from Arq. Miguel Alcazar
Arq. Miguel Alcazar
This is a work made in a computer program, was made by my brother in law "Tona", of my vw bus. My vw bus is a "normal" split-window VW bus sundial 67, run by a (rebuid) 1600c engine, you will find it in mi pic's search in Arq. Miguel Alcazar ;)
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See Also: Scenic Route  Kombis   Other pix from Fernando Panzi
Bu駏elos make Film Bu駏elos make Film
Fernando Panzi
La Chombi fue un gr醤 personaje.
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See Also: Projects & Restoration  Deluxes   Other pix from henry
vw bus battery for ipod/iphone vw bus battery for ipod/iphone
you can download the files here
this is a vw bus battery that i made. it goes from old beat up hippy bus to a very nice looking bus the longer you let your ipod touch/iphone charge. the only way to get this is to have a jailbroken ipod touch or iphone if you do your in luck. you can download the files from the link i gave or if you have customize 2.0 you can get it thru there also the file set name is VWbusbattery
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