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mirror mirror
peppermint green
i took a picture from my house
 2002-08-09 (46.32k)
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caruizawa caruizawa
i went to karuizawa
 2002-05-31 (46.38k)
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Found in: Kombis   Other pix from yuichi
karuizawa karuizawa
I went to karuizawa
 2002-05-31 (32.34k)
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very nice
 2002-05-04 (49.36k)
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07/01/02 phil garrett very nice - i have just finished painting my 1963 splittie the same colour scheme! i have no pictures of it and i have been in korea working at the world cup for the last 7 weeks so i have been visiting my kombi in sydney, australia vicariously through your photos on this website. thank you for that!! cheers, phil.

Found in: Working Buses  Standards   Other pix from yuichi
bus bus
 2002-04-28 (58.94k)
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