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Found in: Bus Clones   Other pix from Sonney Hinson
This makes a V W feel like a big car! This makes a V W feel like a big car!
Sonney Hinson
1983 Sanfu Bic. 2 sliding doors, 2 cyl, 4 cycle, liquid cooled engine.Runs & drives. ( am I allowed to say it's for sale? )
 2000-12-03 (11.33k)
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12/20/10 Lynn Thompson OOPs, Our's is a 1984 BIC 600 cc - Propane only!
Original condition, needs a starter.
Serious inquiries only!
David Johnson , formerly with Jet Industries knows this Van very well.
(336) 769-8192
It can be bought
08/20/05 Lynn Thompson We have a 85 SanFu with a 600 CC propane powered that still runs...has less than 6000 actual miles
on it. It needs a starter...Ha! impossible to find, but it will run. Have thought about selling it but we know how very rare this van is!
One must admit that these vans were way before their time and kind of got "hushed" out by someone (wink)
09/13/03 pat houchin anyone know where a Sanfu Bic for sale is?
05/17/02 rick I have one as well, mine was propane until recent conversion.

Found in: Scenic Route  Double Cabs   Other pix from Sonney & Donna
Oct 2000 in So Ariz Oct 2000 in So Ariz
Sonney & Donna
We traveled from Harrison, Ark to Baja Calif. On our way home we took a side trip to Douglas, Az. This picture was taken near Sonoita, AZ
 2000-10-28 (13.86k)
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Found in: Single Cabs   Other pix from Sonney Hinson
63 double cab 63 double cab
Sonney Hinson
m code 620= 12 volt elec m code 621= 12 volt hazard warning lights m code 216= 1500 cc engine m code 195= 'nobody knows what 195 is'
 2000-10-28 (14.23k)
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