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23 window samba.Waiting for resto...
 2002-09-08 (86.94k)
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rusty, crusty 63 panel rusty, crusty 63 panel
Found this bus at my neighbours. The first splitty i have seen in Slovenia till now. I will sell it, since i don't have the guts to restore it!
 2002-05-15 (107.86k)
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Look what i found.. Look what i found..
This is a 63 panel, has been standing outside for years. I don't have the guts to restore it. Is it restorable?
 2002-05-15 (85.53k)
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06/20/02 Conrad Strip it then dip it. Then decide if it is worth it. If I had the space I probably would give it a shot. You'll have to get a new front beam and complete underside mechanicals more than likely. I seen Kelly conquer much worse.
05/19/02 meredith anythings restorable.
05/16/02 Darrell Butler that depends.. what you got in the way of a garage? and equipment, and how much does your bank manager like you??? the words 'big' and 'loan' come to mind...

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