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Found in: Projects & Restoration  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Deluxes   Other pix from henry
vw bus battery for ipod/iphone vw bus battery for ipod/iphone
you can download the files here
this is a vw bus battery that i made. it goes from old beat up hippy bus to a very nice looking bus the longer you let your ipod touch/iphone charge. the only way to get this is to have a jailbroken ipod touch or iphone if you do your in luck. you can download the files from the link i gave or if you have customize 2.0 you can get it thru there also the file set name is VWbusbattery
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08/07/12 UsasseAmerma This is the best website for [url=]PKV[/url]

Found in: Stand By Your Van  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Other Campers   Other pix from bobby hisler

bobby hisler
This is all the same bus over 5 years of changing it. It's slowly changing colors again this year as i find time to grind and prime it. She just got a new engine this spring and also a new 69 Squareback brother! I friggin love this bus. People still call me a hippy and it pisses me off but I'm cool with it i guess. I'm a surfer not a hippy garshdarnet. PEACE !
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Found in: Projects & Restoration  Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Standards   Other pix from Anthony Weynne
hippy bus hippy bus hippy bus hippy bus hippy bus
Anthony Weynne
my daughter just got through doing this bus, top still need to be done, but the basics are there. the top is getting an american flag.
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Found in: Stand By Your Van  Hall of Shame  Projects & Restoration  Special Interest   Other pix from greg
A man has got to have a hobby A man has got to have a hobby
57 window, hi-lo double splitty, deluxe, jimmy, emily peace baby, kombi, mango, triple slammed, hippy hotel westy.
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01/12/09 salim hello
vw bus... enjoy

Found in: Stand By Your Van  Logo'd Buses  Panels   Other pix from tim moran
 Genco Air conditioning  & Heating Co, work van Genco Air conditioning & Heating Co, work van
tim moran
Bought this cool Logo van in De Haag, Holland in 1971 for $600. USD. It had only 60k klicks on the speedo and was almost like new! Drove and camped with it all over Europe for the summer with my Dutch/Indonesian/American/soon to be wife girlfriend. We were 20 years old and had a great time including lots of fun at the Milk Weg Hashish bar and Heinikens tour. Shipped it bach to L.A. for $600. USD and this pick is showing my passing the keys to the "Dude" who bought it (about1978) after I drove it all through my 4 years of college and 2 yeras of grad school. Sold it to him for $1600. and saw it once afterwards a few years later down off a side street in Indio that I just happen to glance down. As I turned around to look at it I saw a different old man getting into it...he was a dutch guy and house painter and was going to paint the whole bus in the next month a solid color as it was his work truck! What fate eh? Used to get notes on it all the time saying people saw it all over Europe and The world. Genaco was a francised company and they probably saw other vans like mine....I did see a baywindow with the same paint and logo scheme over in France. People thought it had something to do with sexual idenity as symbols for man and woman were pretty commonly used in hippy art and such....If they were old and obnoxious "love it or leave it!" types my girlfiend used to say she was a transexual for laughs and we'd start making out! HA! You might notice I did (and was the first I'll take the blame) cut neatly my rear wheel well openings and applied Toyota Land crusier Fiberglass flares to make for a clean install of 1`5x 10:x 32: Armstrong Comando rear tires as we used theis as a pit and pre runner for my friends class 10 SCORE race car back in those days. Pitted in La Paz for the Baja 1000 and out in Arizona for the Parker 500. Took it on many highway 1 and 101 trips up to redwoods and along California coast. Rebuilt engine once (Rimco) and put on a external oil cooler and that was about it....miss it! Still have the wheel well cut outs! Will try and post better pic I am just getting close to digging out the deep storage where I know I'll find lots of good pics!
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11/23/07 Fries Lovely story!

Found in: General   Other pix from Jean Viljoen
Miz Daizee Miz Daizee Miz Daizee Miz Daizee Miz Daizee Miz Daizee
Jean Viljoen
My beloved Miz Daizee on a raod trip in the Overberg, South Africa
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Found in: Scenic Route  Stand By Your Van  Rare Buses and Parts  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Other Campers   Other pix from Geoff Warren
Travelling around Australia Travelling around Australia Travelling around Australia Travelling around Australia
Geoff Warren
Here is my Kombi roughing it around Australia.
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Found in: Hall of Shame  Other Campers

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04/12/06 alex dude thats a really sweet ride i like what youve done inside the buses usually they just put a matress up but you went all the way good job man:)

Found in: Logo'd Buses  Hall of Shame  Rare Buses and Parts  Customized Buses  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Sightings  Standards   Other pix from jeff
well traveled well traveled well traveled well traveled well traveled well traveled
welcom to moes
over 400 stickers 27 states in 12 years
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Found in: Hall of Shame  Bus Clones   Other pix from Chris
Dandy Lion - FOR SALE Dandy Lion - FOR SALE Dandy Lion - FOR SALE Dandy Lion - FOR SALE Dandy Lion - FOR SALE
This is a 1964 GMC step-van that has been converted into a custom camper. The top half of a late-model VW Camper has been welded on top of the step-van to make a second story (and a third when the VW is popped). The camper is wired for both AC and DC power, sleeps up to 8, has a sink, icebox, propane stove, kitchen table, and lots of storage. The interior is all cedarwood and has a rustic cabin feel. All the windows have screens, and there are fans throughout. The camper is also complete with oak hardwood floors! The GMC has a strong straight six engine. The engine has not been started in more than a year, but ran strong before being parked and should start right up with a little know how. So what's the problem? The GMC needs a new steering box. This camper cannot be driven home. Buyer will need to find a new steering box, or have a new one made. You will need to arrange for it to be towed or fixed before taking possession. This vehicle is perfect for cruising the country, or parking out in the woods and squatting! Two golf cart batteries allow you to live with power for up to a week (est). The pictures listed are from three years ago, and the vehicle is dirty now from sitting, but will clean up nice. I may have some pictures left from 4 years ago when I bought this, and you can see how much better it actually looks now! I put a lot of time into this vehicle. Some things that I put in new: fuel tank, fuel pump, flooring, paint job, DC electrical system and lots of little things. Seriously, even if you didn't want to fix the steering box, this camper would still make a great home for someone wanting some shelter in the woods. It could even work as a weekend hunting cabin! The camper is water tight, and the weld around the VW does not leak at all. The windshield on the VW is cracked though, and could be fixed under insurance, although it never bothered me. If you want some more info, please email me at schooloftrout at gmail-dot-com. $1,300 - or make me an offer
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06/18/11 Vaughn I have one just like this in similar condition.
Lake Tahoe,CA area
07/17/10 daniel I know the guy who bought that thing,It is central Missouri. sits right on I-70 near Kingdom City,MO
11/15/09 jason I realize this is an old posting but just wondering if you still have this.If it is still for sale let me know.
08/30/06 Jordan Tijerina hello, i am interested in your vehichle, very interested, and i woulkd like to know where you are located.
how does the engine run?
thanls, email me a

Found in: Bus Art & Cool Photography  
Adobe Promotion Adobe Promotion

Adobe Acrobat Tour
Of course, the bus is facing the wrong direction for the Golden Gate Bridge...
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Found in: Bus Art & Cool Photography  Barndoors  Kombis   Other pix from artymike
Surf Samba Surf Samba
The coolest VW ride...
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Found in: Westfalias   Other pix from bobby hisler

bobby hisler
I love buses and bugs but I'm SICK of people calling me a hippy. When they flash me the peace sign I flip them the bird.. And when they give me the finger I scream out "YEAH THATS RIGHT" They should have gotten it right the first time.
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05/11/08 me she get mad at me sometimes isn't that cute? mbahh
03/15/08 blast from your past once an asshole always an asshole only difference is the asshole gets bigger each passing of the year. strill striving to become grang ass of the year i see
10/25/07 Bob I went down to North Little Rock to help my Friend install a windshield in a 1930 Model A. We had received some info of an 'old car' in the boon-docks-woods. It was a VW bus, no engine, all crank side windows, slide door windows.

It appears to be a 'camper'. Have I give enough info for any details on the 'bus'? The owner said I could have it. It is infact back in the woods approx one mile. One 6 inch tree will need to be cut to get it out. A good path from there.

04/17/07 Emily i need a car sell me on that works.
03/19/06 doug I have nothing against art cars, I'm just trying to stay in the middle of the road between VW collectors and hippies, who are often criticized.
Didn't they know it was a hippie bus when they bought it? Hey, will you be going to burning man this year?
03/13/06 alex Hey Doug,
I realize this site is suppose to be about VW
Bus's, which is why I came to it! So I hate to be
(as Bobby put's it a ball buster) but I have to
stick up for two of my favorite things, ART CARS
Which I have been part of for 15 years, and
Hippy's which I am proud to be ! A word which is
missed used and miss understood, ok I am stepping
off my soap box lol!
03/13/06 Alex Harrah Hey Bobby, if you don't want people giving you
the peace sign because you look like a hippy
and you are driving a hippy bus? Since you are
a red neck maybe you should get you a truck .
Hell since you like guns and don't like peace
maybe they could use you over in Irac , where
you can have all the fun you want!
a proud hippy
01/06/06 doug Hey, I got one of those Hippy buses. They used to be referred to as a "microbus", lately I rarely hear that.

I have a Mr Natural badge on the dash and incense in the ashtray, however , no gawdy "art car".

May you live in peace and happiness.
10/13/05 Tom I believe Joe and mike are the kind of guys who
bought their veedubs because they thaught it would make them look cool...keep triyng girls
08/08/05 bobby Hisler Those pictures were taken during a camping trip.
At work I where a clown suit just to fit in with a Wall street bozos.
I didn't expect to have my balls busted about having long hair on a VW site. This seems more like a RANT & RAVE Forum..chink chink.
You like the freekin Bus or what?
08/10/05 bobby new things are no damn good
08/05/05 Mike Long hair? And tie dye? You may want to go with a new look.
08/07/05 Bobby Hisler Just cause the old VW's doesn't make me a pot smoking hippy. Tattoos andlong hair don't mean anything. I could care less about peace-love and understanding either cause it's just not any fun. You give peace a chance, I'm loading my guns.
08/07/05 Joe Tie died, tatooed, long hair and driving a VW Bus. I can't possibly imagine why anyone would think you're a hippie, you freaking idiot.

Found in: Toys & Collectibles  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Other Campers   Other pix from artymike8

V dub.....yah!

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Found in: Customized Buses  Bus Art & Cool Photography  Sightings  Special Interest   Other pix from Rocky McKeon
Buying waffles in Belgium! Buying waffles in Belgium! Buying waffles in Belgium! Buying waffles in Belgium! Buying waffles in Belgium!
Rocky McKeon
This is one of the many ways to buy waffles in the Belgian town of Anvers!
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01/24/05 Rocky McKeon Sorry, the pictures were actually taken in Brussels.
12/01/04 thom Extra syrup please; no wait, hold the syrup. Ok, I'll have syrup...
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