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Found in: Customized Buses  Special Interest   Other pix from paul thorne
4x4 bus 4x4 bus 4x4 bus 4x4 bus 4x4 bus 4x4 bus
paul thorne
this is the result of a rolled brancho and a parts bus with a rotted frame and floor
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05/21/09 Russ If anyone has more info about this vehicle or ones like it please email me at I want to build one of these and would love to talk with someone who has built/owned/seen in person something like this. Thanks!!
12/26/06 Tweed You could sell a how to book!How about more details Thom.
12/26/06 Tweed You could sell a how to book on this mod!
How about some details.
07/08/05 Mike It does look like Florida.
06/16/05 Jeff Power where is this at? looks like florida.
that thing is bad ass!
06/13/05 thom The action shot on the beach is priceless!

Found in: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Rare Buses and Parts  Deluxes   Other pix from Jack
The bus is actually stock, only the 4X4 and headlight grills are added The bus is actually stock, only the 4X4 and headlight grills are added The bus is actually stock, only the 4X4 and headlight grills are added The bus is actually stock, only the 4X4 and headlight grills are added The bus is actually stock, only the 4X4 and headlight grills are added The bus is actually stock, only the 4X4 and headlight grills are added
I spent a few hours on the Internet and found these pictures. This bus was converted to 4WD with what looks like a conglomeration of 4WD Vanagon componants and what looks like a '60's differential up front. The square windows, narrow tailgate, louvers back of the rear fenders instead of the vents behind the back side windows and the old type side doors are appearantly still a standard offering, as I'd seen them on other similar late buses. It might even have an upright-fan engine rather than the 914/Type4 suitcase type. There's even a transfer lever by the gear shift like on other 4X4's. A rig like this with doors on both sides would be my dream bus. A pair of platform trucks consisting of single cab and a double cab each with the 4WD would round out my dream fleet. I had to flip a coin to decide whether or not to check "Bay Window(68-79)" in the catagories because the bus is a lot newer than a '79 and only the cab, tail lights and running gear are bay window while the bumpers and the body from the back of the the cab rearward is all "split". My only real question is how is the speedometer hooked up and can the front suspension handle the added stress?
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02/23/12 Matheus Koslosky from Brazil It was built in Brazil.
02/23/12 Matheus Koslosky from Brazil This bus is a prototype built by Dacunha Veculos. Two were built, and this was for sale.

More information at:
12/15/05 DON 'The Emissary' SERIBUTRA The bus pics are the T1.5s produced in Brasil between 1976-1996. Although the first generation T2s ceased production in Europe in 1967, the splittie continued in Brasil until 1975. When the 1976 model year came along, the first generation T1 was modified to which the front sheetmetal from the 1968-79 Bay Window was grafted on where a few refer to these Buses as mutants.

Found in: Rare Buses and Parts  Kombis   Other pix from Alexis Prappas - Brazil
4WD Kombi - 'its not a must?' 4WD Kombi - 'its not a must?' 4WD Kombi - 'its not a must?' 4WD Kombi - 'its not a must?' 4WD Kombi - 'its not a must?'
4WD Kombi - 'its not a must?'
4WD Kombi - 'its not a must?'
Alexis Prappas - Brazil

Kombi 4x4 was developed for Dacunha Mobiles in association with QT Engineering and Equipaments (in 1980 and 1985 in Brazil). They develop one new 4 wd traction to be used with Volkswagen engine. The system was created for use in dirt roads, in rains seasons or difficult trespassing grounds. They build two and make fields tests but the Volkswagen was not interested. It could have been a nice option for off-road actions and travel with our bus. Kombi 4x4 foi desenvolvida pela Dacunha Veculos associado QT Engenharia e Equipamentos ( em 1980 e 1985 ), desenvolveram um novo sistema de trao total aplicado mecnica Volkswagen. A Dacunha/QT, visava diversificao na aplicao do sistema de trao integral, com vistas ao mercado rural. Foram fabricadas apenas 2 unidades da Kombi 4x4. O resultado das modificaes foi positivo, em ladeiras, mesmo secas, onde a tendncia ao patinamento irreversvel, um simples toque na alavanca propicia uma sada imediata, sem titubeios. O sistema no produz rudos estranhos e provoca pouca perda de torque no motor quando acionado e no altera o relativo conforto da suspeno original. A Kombi 4x4 provou que poderia ter sido uma importante aliada nas operaes em estradas no rotineiras, em estaes chuvosas, em stios e para comrico em estradas do Interior. Dados: Motor3 Out/85
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Found in: Hall of Shame  Kombis  
1966 VW Van on 1979 Dodge Ram Shortened Chassis 1966 VW Van on 1979 Dodge Ram Shortened Chassis
318 CI. 4WD. Auto. Chassis shortened to accommodate the wheel openings on the VW van.
 2001-07-01 (89.62k)
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06/19/02 Bill Lyter Shwey
06/14/02 kp build your own 4wd VW bus dude!

Found in: Hall of Shame   Other pix from Thom Fitzpatrick

Monster 4x4 Single Cab
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02/08/13 Michael Drotor That bus is owned by Gary at Gary's Repair in Mancos, CO.
05/19/09 Russ Any more info on this vehicle?? I want to build something similar and would be grateful to be able to talk to someone who's built or owned a vw bus on a 4x4 chassis. Please email if you have any input. Thanks!!!

Found in: Hall of Shame   Other pix from Thom Fitzpatrick

Double door panel with a 5" lift...
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